Favourite Choice of Companions to take on Missions

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User Info: SophiaT3

7 years ago#1

Hey Guys,

What is your favourite group of companions to take on missions? Thought I'd see who people like using the best.

I've found, as a female Dalish warriorElf, I use Alistair (only because I wanted a relationship with him), Leliana and Wynne.

Zevran couldn't open as many locks as Leliana I found, plus I was master of duel weapons. Wynne far outweighs Morrigan as a mage too (in my opinion!).

Not really persued Oghran or Sten. Shale is too noisy and annoys me!

What do you all think? ....

User Info: Finglan

7 years ago#2
I also use Alistair, Leliana, and Wynn, with my main character being an arcane warrior/blood mage.

They never seem to complain about my decisions, which I like, while other character frequently do and end up losing loyalty.

Wynn and my main are the pillars of the group, Alistair is a generally dependable tank, with Leliana being the weakest and in need of a respect out of archery, but still useful for summoning pets as a ranger.

User Info: Yami_Inju

7 years ago#3
all of em except shale, no DLC.

funniest are morrigan alister, oghren leliana, morrigan dog. well basically just don't put morrigan, leliana and wynn together. boring. but you prolly already do as they kick ass. also as much as a b morrigan is, she is shut down instantly by sten lol. he's good.
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User Info: darkprince_78

7 years ago#4

My first character was a human noble warrior (2-handed). For the most part I used Alistar, Morrigan, and Wynn; however, I'd often change out one of the mages for Leliana for lock picking.

User Info: p0iz3n0us

7 years ago#5
If I am not a mage I use morrigan as a damager and wynne as a support (mass paralysis and glyph chains) mage. If I am a tank I put in leliana and if i'm not then I use alistair as tank. Btw the dialogue between leliana and morrigan heats up if you are male and friendly/romance them both. Also the dialogue between wynne and morrigan is downright full of spikes. I swear that they would get into a magic fight just by listening.

User Info: aaazeus

7 years ago#6
I used Me as a warrior human with sworld e shield,Morrigan,Alistar with greatsword and Sten with axe.But aftefr clearing a dungeon or something I put leliana in the party only to open the locks I left.

Now on my second playtrough It was Me again as a dalish Rogue,Morrigan(but now a arcane warrior,,I had to use the tome glitch to increase her dexteriety because she missed everything!),Sten again with axes being my damage dealer and alistar with sword and shield as a tank(it was fun seeing him survive a 4 enemy attack and killing them all,but was sloww.
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User Info: Fraust

7 years ago#7
Leliana and my MC Mage and two meat shields or Wynne and a meat shield when not playing a mage.

User Info: WhereDidItGo

7 years ago#8
Depending on what class my MC is, generally its some combination of Alistair, Leliana, Wynne, and Oghren. I also like Dog too, but sometimes I leave him behind for different travel banter. I love pairing Wynne and Oghren together to hear their conversations :)
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User Info: Rutrag

7 years ago#9

It depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing. My current play through I am a City Elf and right now I am on the urn of sacred ashses quest. I have Leliana and Wynne, because I figure they would respect the ashes the most and want to be there. SPOILERS***********************

I have Sten there also as I knew I would have a conversation there with him from my first play through. (My first playthrough I was a duster dwarf.) I fought with him and raised his approval the first play through. this second time I think I intimidated him into baking down and dropped his approval.*************

When I go to Redcliffe, Alistair will be on board, Zevran goes with on assassin or elf-related missions. Morrigan was with me in the circle tower. Oghren and Shale went into the Deep Roads with me. I bring along Sparky (the dog) early on, in Soldier's Keep, and in the return to Ostagar.

User Info: Skull_Ruckus

7 years ago#10
I like to round robin my characters to give them all a chance to shine, although it does mean I frequently end up with a party comprised of myself (warrior), alistair, sten and oghren and get ganked massively.
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