question about beating the game without dying achievement

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User Info: michaelmyers05

7 years ago#1
I just read on another board that this doesnt take into account can this be?

Every time you die, you load from a previous save...

so does this mean when you die, you quit the game, start from the "start" screen and reload that way to make it seem like you never played?

Otherwise everyone would get this achievement on completion of the game wouldnt they?

User Info: widget624

7 years ago#2
You only have to complete the origin story without the main character dying in battle, not the whole game. If the main character dies in battle but the other characters survive you won't receive the achievement but if your entire party is killed and you reload your save it won't count as the main character dying.
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User Info: Michotic

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: michaelmyers05

7 years ago#4
**taken from the faqs section**

I'm Kind of a Big Deal-----------------------------
------------"Completed the entire game without the main character-------------
---------------------------ever falling in battle

so basically the way to get this, is when its time to go after this achievment, never play as anyone else except the Warden? and if u die, let everyone die or reload?

now the main character, does that mean the person you are controlling at the time, or the Grey Warden?

User Info: HarvestrOfSouls

7 years ago#5
Michael is referring to the online achievement, not the actual XBOX one. I have gotten that one myself so I can personally confirm the achievement does NOT take saves into account. If you reload your last save any time your Warden dies then you should be fine. Its not that hard on Casual. Just always keep an eye on your character's health, as Blood Mages and the like can take you by surprise sometimes.
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  3. question about beating the game without dying achievement

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