Best second specialization for Wynne?

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User Info: Master_Syn

7 years ago#1
I have her as a spirirt healer right now, what is the best choice for a second specialization?
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User Info: BushWon04

7 years ago#2
For any mage, Arcane Warrior is a must. Having her wear heavy armor and having the crazy buffs that come along with Arcane warrior will make her, and any other mage, hard to hit and extremely resilient. Dont forget to also get all the other readily available buffs like rock armor, spell wisp and their are a few more that i cant remember.

User Info: Master_Syn

7 years ago#3
Ok, I have her as a healer as well.
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User Info: SonicTheDrunken

7 years ago#4
Blood Mage is decent, as well as hilarious. I wouldn't say AW is a must for any mage, it just depends on your playstyle.
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
7 years ago#5
Also, healers don't need the extra aggro from wearing heavy armor, and the fatigue from the armor and sustained abilities may be too much.
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User Info: Master_Syn

7 years ago#6
So the best suggestion is blood mage?
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User Info: Nasada19

7 years ago#7
I feel that Blood Mage is better choice for any casting mage if just for blood wound.
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User Info: Heisenbird

7 years ago#8
If you don't have a BM yet, then consider it. Otherwise, go AW. Personally, I go AW whatever the case may be.
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User Info: JohnC2211

7 years ago#9

Some armour combinations can really negate the fatigue increase, particularly armour sets which reduce the cost of talents. I usually set Wynne up as a Spirit Healer/Arcane Warrior and deck her out in the Ancient Elven Armour.

The only disadvantage with making a party member a Blood Mage is their tactics are quite difficult to set up. You have to have something along the lines of:

Health > 25% -> Deactivate Blood Magic

Health >= 90% -> Activate Blood Magic

Enemy -> Clustered -> Activate Blood Wound

Etc. The only thing is they will continually be activating BM outside of combat which will deactivate again.

User Info: rpgian

7 years ago#10
Depends on play style. If you $ glitch the crap out of the game infinite high potions are at your disposal so go buff's/offensive.

It has been a while but I think she has the class that has all the buffs (summon undead, haste,etc..) at first doesn't she? If not pick that.

I find her to not be a prime choice playing the game normally because taking on that quest is long and can prove to be hard if you do it right off the bat - and if you wait and goof around she will be higher in levels and the stupid AI will auto assign her talents poorly. Playing the game normally means getting the ones you plan to use asap.

But yeah this game is full of tricks so do whatever you want.
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