I quit this game when I got to the Templar's Nightmare.

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  3. I quit this game when I got to the Templar's Nightmare.

User Info: arachnidd

6 years ago#1
It just pissed me off so much. Way too much going back and forth. I think I got to the part where you have to move around the mouseholes. I will return to it eventually. I hope there's not a part like this in DA II.
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User Info: Nasada19

6 years ago#2
You're just bad at the game. Once you know what your doing the entire Circle Tower + Fade takes like 45 minutes.
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User Info: ShadowXOR

6 years ago#3
I'm very thorough and check everything, if you have problems taking it slow and paying attention this game is definitely not for you, some of the side quests and other things are very subtle or time consuming. Searching that small/easy area wasn't difficult. I loved the Fade.
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User Info: arachnidd

6 years ago#4
I liked the game and didn't need a FAQ til I got to the Fade. Partly correct on my attention span I didn't really pay attention that I had to change forms etc. I'll return to the game soon.
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User Info: Navex

6 years ago#5
Yeah man, it sucked but it's not worth quitting the game for. That and the entire Orzammar questline suck but the rest of the game is great.
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User Info: ShadowXOR

6 years ago#6
I thought the Fade was awesome.

I haven't been to Orzammar yet but I was hoping it would be cool. I am sad.
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User Info: greeneritgets

6 years ago#7
Orzammar is lot worse then Fade imo.... I would always go for Orzammar last and Fade first to pick up Wynne

User Info: Wren28

6 years ago#8

I've played through this so many times that doing the Fade is nearly second nature...in fact I had three months off playing another game, put it back other day and just went sailing through the fade again. Orzammar however I am not looking forward to...nor really the Dalish Elves don't really like either of them, but oh well lol...mind I think my biggest problem with Orzammar is the Deep Roads...so long and tedious at times.

User Info: NCSPirate

6 years ago#9
Whoa, whoa, whoa....whoa.
How do you not like Orzammar?

I'll give you that the deep roads are a little annoying, nowhere near Fade level bad, but the end more than makes up for it.

User Info: macneto

6 years ago#10
you really need to take your time with this game. lure the enemies to you using an Archer...the game really places you in some unfavorable tactical situations....so draw the enemies out a few at a time.

There was one fight that i thought was complete crap...it was in a house in Denerim. you walk into a medium sized room with a high level warrior, two rouges and a mage attacking you....plus off to the side is a small side room, with the entrance lined with bear traps...behind them a row of tables and behind those 3 Master Archers all using shattershot.

I may be part of the minority on this board, but i feel that the combat is just very very poor. Your allies AI is out right terrible. You really need to spend a good 20 min per character on their tactics to get them to work well together. You have to play the game a particular way or you will never succeed. you NEED to have a character act as a tank to draw the enemies to him. then pick them off as they are focused on him.

However having said that i thought the story was deep and amazing. Character development was great and the choices you had to make really made you pause and think about the consequences of your actions.

Really looking forward to Dragon Age 2.
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  3. I quit this game when I got to the Templar's Nightmare.

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