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User Info: ExarOs

5 years ago#1
I just started playing Dragon Age again with the Ultimate Edition. I wan't to run a DW Cunning based Rogue (Human Noble) but have can not find any guides that give stat progression, ability progression and story + DLC progression.

Someone mind posting a link to a good DW Cunning Human Rogue? Thanks in advance
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#2
I don't know of any good links off the top of my head, however I can supply you with such a progression.

You'll need 30 Dexterity for all Talents and to equip the best Daggers and you'll need 24 or 26 Strength for the best armor, gear can take care of 8 to 11 Points of this, I am going to be working with minimal gear requirements just to make things easier (which means 18 or 20 Strength (I'll be honest though I am figuring for 20))

Note: You can get 4 Strength and 4 Dexterity from the Fade in the Circle Tower, so it is beneficial if you can find these, and this build assumes that you do so.

Stat Progression

Level 1: 3 Dexterity, 2 Cunning
Level 2: 2 Dexterity, 1 Cunning
Level 3: 1 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 1 Cunning
Level 4: 2 Dexterity, 1 Cunning
Level 5: 2 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 1 Cunning
Level 6: 2 Dexterity, 1 Cunning (This will put you at 26 Dexterity)
Level 7: 1 Strength, 2 Cunning (This puts you at 14 Strength)
Level 8: 3 Cunning, Tome of Physical Technique: 1 Strength
Level 9-End game level: 3 Cunning

Talent Progression

Level 1: Dirty Fighting (you start with it), Dual-Weapon Training, Deft Hands
Level 2: Below the Belt
Level 3: Dual-Weapon Finesse
Level 4: Combat Movement
Level 5: Deadly Strike, Grey Warden Talent Point: Dual-Weapon Sweep
Level 6: Flurry
Level 7: Bard Specialization: Song of Valor
Level 8: Lethality, Tome of Physical Technique: Distraction
Level 9: Coup De Grace
Level 10: Song of Courage
Level 11: Momentum
Level 12: Dual-Weapon Expert
Level 13: Dual Striking
Level 14: Assassin Specialization: Mark of Death, Tome of Physical Technique: Exploit Weakness
Level 15: Lacerate
Level 16: Feast of the Fallen
Level 17: Riposte
Level 18: Cripple
Level 19: Punisher
Level 20: Whirlwind

In all likely hood you will get past level 20, but the build is complete by then (technically this finishes at level 16, as the extra dual-wielding talents aren't really crucial they are more for flair).

Another thing to point out, technically you can get 4 Tomes of Physcial Technique but this requires buying one from Bodahn immediately after leaving Lothering but before leaving camp for the first time, and the final one of the game cannot be bought until you are at Redcliffe after the point of no return, thusly the build incorporates two.

Beyond that you can get a few other extra Talent Points you can get, except for the Grey Warden one you can do with them as you please.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#3
As for mission progression. (RAMPANT SPOILERS AHEAD)

Origin > Ostagar > Lothering

Buy the 2 Backpack upgrades in Ostagar (once before leaving for the Korcari Wilds and again after returning) strip Daveth and Jory, equip what you want of theirs and then sell all the rest of their crap, sell any weapons and armor you also do not need.

If you do the Hungry Deserter you can decide to open the chest now or wait, it's up to you, if you open it now sell everything in it.

Also since you are a Rogue you'll be able to open all the locked chests in Ostagar and in your Origin, sell everything you do not want from all of these chests (you should sell most of it none of the gear is particularly good)

Now then you should get to Lothering at either level 5 or 6, grab Leliana and/or Sten if you want them and leave immediately, you need to skip all side-quests in Lothering at present (you'll be back later).

Lothering > Camp > Soldier's Peak

If you have 22.50 Gold (doubtful, but if you want I can tell you how to make sure you have enough money) buy the Tome of Physical Technique and save it for Level 8.

When you arrive at camp talk to Levi Dryden (he is with a second cart in camp and is a human), he'll give you the quest for Soldier's Peak.

Leave Camp and head there immediately, make sure to search every nook and cranny once you get inside the Fortress because the inside is a one time area.

Eventually you'll come to a room where you'll meet a woman named Sophia Dryden, no matter what you plan on doing in Soldier's Peak you must kill her to get the best Rogue Chestplate.

So anyway after you kill Sophia loot her corpse for the Warden Commander's Armor Set, the Chestplate of this set is what I have been mentioning so much, it should either be Grey Iron or Steel (Steel is more likely), this is good as it means you won't need some insane Strength (for a Rogue) to wear it, keep the Chestplate for now the Gauntlets and Boots are yours to do with as you please.

NOTE: Upon completion of Soldier's Peak you gain access to a Storage Chest this is useful if you have any gear you want to keep but don't want to hold in your inventory.

Soldier's Peak > Camp > Lothering

You should absolutely have enough money for a Tome of Physical Technique by now, buy one and use it if you are level 8, if you managed to get the earlier one you can give this one to a party member or use it on yourself and pick another talent of your choice.

Buy the Angled Strikers from Bodahn as well (there are like 50 Silver), as they add a 5% Damage Bonus to Backstabs.

Sell anything you don't need/want from Soldier's Peak as well to help keep up funding.

Return to Lothering and do everything you skipped there previously.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#4
Lothering > Sulcher's Pass & Honnleath OR the Circle of Magi

This is where you get some divergence, Sulcher's Pass leads to Honnleath which has 2 of the items needed to reach 26 Strength, and the Circle of Magi provides you with Wynne.

Base this decision on whether or not you need a dedicated Healer, if Morrigan with Heal + Potions is sufficient head for Sulcher's Pass, if that combination isn't sufficient head for the Mage's Tower.

I am going to act as if you go to Sulcher's Pass first.

Sulcher's Pass > Honnleath

Head to Sulcher's Pass and get the Golem Control Rod, then head for Honnleath.

Note: There is a pretty decent dagger for this point in the game called Olaf's Prized Cheese Knife available here, it is in a locked chest just past the entrance, you'll find the key on a dead body near the Golem.

So anyway onto the Village itself, kill all the darkspawn and then examine the Golem, this will update your quest and tell you to head to Wilhelm's Cellar, do so.

Work your way through the cellar commencing with the usual killing and looting, you'll eventually come to a room with a barrier with people behind it and a bunch of darkspawn in the room, kill the darkspawn and activate the barrier.

You'll be in dialogue with a guy named Matthias or whatever, agree to help him get his daughter back.

This will send you into Wilhelm's Laboratory, meander through the halls until you come to a room where you'll fight a Dust Wraith and some Shades, kill them. Then loot the Dust Wraith for the Harvest Fesitval Ring (provides +2 Strength) equip this immediately.

Continue through the dungeon and you'll come to a room with a little girl and a cat, this is Matthias's Daughter, your starter dialogue is pretty irrelevant except maybe for some approval.

Solve the puzzle and in the next dialogue segment make sure you pick options that lead to fighting the cat (which is really a Desire Demon). Kill it and loot it for the Helm of Honnleath (adds +2 Strength), it has a Strength requirement of 20 however so you cannot equip this yet, so hold onto it. (If you did the Circle of Magi first you'll be able to equip it.)

Return to Matthias get your reward and then go talk to the Golem (or don't, your choice), if you do get her to join your party, her name is Shale, after this leave.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#5
Honnleath > Camp > Circle of Magi's Tower

Return to Camp after Honnleath sell anything you don't need or want as usual, maybe look at getting some Paralyze Runes if Bodahn carries any, if you do slap them in whatever dagger has rune slots.

After that head for the Circle of Magi, deal with Carroll at the entrance and then talk to Greagoir, Buy the Backpack upgrade from the Templar Quartermaster, head through the double doors, which will be locked behind you, proceed with looting the first several rooms for crap to sell.

When you come to the room with Wynne decide if you want her in the party or not (I suggest you get her, she gives you a second Haste which Double Haste lets you attack faster than Momentum alone)

Eventually you'll come to the Library where you'll start fighting crap, kill it loot it, move on (up to you if you want to do Summoning Sciences or not).

Proceed through the second and third floors following the usual processes. When you get to Sloth and he sends you into the Fade make sure to try and get all the Strength, Dexterity, and Cunning Bonuses.

So do all the crap in the Fade, and then kill Sloth, loot Niall or don't.

Note: In between Sloth and Cullen is a Chest containing a dagger called the Beastman's Dagger, get this as it provides a "+10% damage to backstabs" bonus, useful since Backstabs are how you deal major damage.

Kill more crap until you get to Cullen, make your decision on whether you want to save the Mages or not (or delay it until after the fight with Uldred).

Kill Uldred, finish up and make your decision about the Mages. Buy the Backpack upgrade from the Templar Quartermaster if you didn't before.

If you went to the Mages' Tower before Sulcher's Pass and Honnleath do that sequence of events now.
"I love nailing Asari, so ageless and superior. Then you get them and they squeal like schoolgirls"- Gianna Parasini, Mass Effect 2.

User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#6
Honnleath/Circle of Magi > Camp > Orzammar (bear with me this is gonna be a little wonky)

All right head back to camp and do the usual selling, buy Bodahn's Backpack Upgrade if you haven't already.

After that it is time to head for Orzammar, don't be fooled though we aren't here to actually really do any quests (you can do some sidequests if you want) we are here for a couple of items, which are a) The Key to the City and b) the Backhands, and if you can afford it c) another Tome of Physical Technique (this one is ~18 Sovereigns)

For the Backhands head into Dust Town and visit Alimar's Emporium, buy the gloves for 3.15 Gold, these add +10% Damage to Backstabs, equip them in place of your old Angled Strikers (which you can sell or give to Leliana or Zevran)

After that leave Dust Town and head for the Diamond Quarter, if you can afford the Tome of Technique the merchant who sells it, Garin, is directly across from the entrance to the Diamond Quarter, head for the Chamber of the Assembly and talk with Steward Bandelor, leave the Assembly Chamber and talk to Dulin Forender, agree to help Harrowmont (you can always side with Bhelen later this is the easiest way to get the Key to the City).

Head for the Proving Grounds and find all the codex entries here, one of them is about the Key to the City, this is one of 5 Codex Entries to get the item.

The other 4 are in the followning locations.

1) The Hall of Heroes: Right by the door leading into the Commons
2) The Commons: On the Bridge leading to the Proving.
3) In Dust Town: In one of the niche's around the area (it is called the Assembly's Directive)
4) In the Diamond Quarter: Above and Behind the doors to the Commons.

So anyway after all of that, if you have a 20 in Strength from investing in it and from the Fade Bonuses in conjunction with the Harvest Festival Ring, Helm of Honnleath and now the Key to the City you will have your required Strength for the Warden Commander's Chestplate. Equip it immediately.

So after all of this leave Orzammar.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#7
Orzammar > Denerim

Now is a good time to head to Denerim and start doing sidequests, in particular try and get the quest "Trial of Crows" up and running as this is quest ends up with you getting the best Rogue Gloves in the game, the Red Jenny Seekers.

Do as many sidequests as you want or can, and pay a visit to Genetivi's house while you are here, make sure you get into the back room so you can open up Haven.

After you are done sidequesting it is time to move on.

Denerim > Camp > Haven or Redcliffe

Buy the Silverhammer's Taskmasters from Bodahn now if you haven't done so in the past.

You should be around level 15 or so at this point if you have done a sufficient amount of quests and what not, so you are should be able to handle the High Dragon if you feel inclined to do so.

I suggest Haven first just to save yourself some time in the future. (be aware from here on out this progression is going to be fairly scarce on details as you pretty much have all the best equipment.)

Haven: Do all the usual crap, head for the mountain temple kill everything and loot the place as well, deal with the Gauntlet, get the Ashes, and decide if you want to fight the High Dragon or not, if not leave and go to Redcilffe, if yes fight it, kill it, loot it, and then head to Redcliffe.

Redcliffe: Do everything in town, wait for nightfall or leave and comeback, enter the castle and do all the events there (make your choice for Connor) and then if you headed to Haven first you can just go ahead and wake Eamon up, if you went to Redcliffe first, head for Haven.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#8
Haven/Redcliffe > Orzammar

For Sanity's sake I would suggest doing Orzammar through the Carta Segment, just so you don't slogged down on how damn big Orzammar is (also this gets you access to the Red Jenny Seeker's sooner).

All right now then, if you have 148.52.50 Gold buy the Rose's Thorn, the best Dagger in the game, equip it and never let it go.

A) If you want the Red Jenny Seekers as soon as possible head for the assembly chamber and talk with Vartag Gavorn and get Bhelen's first quest, then do it and proceed to meet with Bhelen. Go head for Ambassador Gainsley to complete another part of "Trial of Crows" and then leave Orzammar and head back to Denerim.


B) If you want to do Harrowmont's Quest and still get the Red Jenny Seekers asap head to the Assembly Chamber and still talk to Vartag Gavorn, get Bhelen's first task, and then head for the Proving Ground.

Complete the Proving and talk to Vartag Gavorn, convince him that you are now an excellent spy on Harrowmont's activities.

Head to Harrowmont's and get the details on taking down the Carta, return to Gavorn and tell him the plan.

Head to Dust Town and crush the Carta, plant the documents Gavorn gave you and head back to him.

Note: It is possible to reach maximum level here, if you want to know how just ask.

Anyway accept his offer and meet Bhelen, then go kill Ambassador Gainsley and head for Denerim.

Orzammar > Denerim

Get your reward from Ignacio and then do the next quest, which its reward is the Red Jenny Seekers, replace your Backhands with these, sell the Backhands or give them to another Rogue.

If you took path A) Above I would suggest heading back to Orzammar and dealing with the Carta, if you took path B) there are a few more options for you A) you can finish Orzammar, B) Do the Brecilian Forest or C) if you are level 18 or above Return to Ostagar.

Path A) Denerim > Orzammar

After you deal with the Carta join up with path B.

Path B) Denerim > Orzammar > Brecilian Forest > or if Level 18 or up Return to Ostagar.

You might just want to get Orzammar out of the way which is perfectly fine if you want to, however I would personally recommend either the Brecilian Forest or Return to Ostagar.

It is very possible if you have done everything you possibly can at this point of the game you are level 18, if you are Return to Ostagar has one of the best Daggers in the game available, and at this point is really the only weapon you are missing.

So below Level 18 go to the Brecilian Forest, which you can just follow the usual order of things at and you should end up above level 18 when you finish everything here then head for Ostagar again.

Above Level 18 Return to Ostagar (start at Bann Loren's Lands), proceed through Ostagar and do all the usual Killing and looting.

Head for the Tower of Ishal after you have all of the Armor Pieces and what not, head down into the whole at the end and work your way through it.

Kill the Ogre here and all the Zombies and the Genlock Necromancer, then proceed to loot the Ogre for Duncan's Sword and Dagger (what you want).

Deal with Cailan's Corpse as you wish and leave.

If you came to Ostagar first head for the Brecilian Forest then back to Orzammar, if you went Brecilian Forest > Ostagar, head back to Orzammar and do the Deep Roads.

Orzammar > Redcliffe > Denerim > Redcliffe > End Game.

That is the final chain of events after Orzammar is done head to Redcliffe to start the Landsmeet, and deal with any remaining sidequests and all events in Denerim then return to Redcliffe and start the End of the Game.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#9
Origins > Awakening > Golems of Amgarrak > Witch Hunt.

That is the order of the original game and all the DLC's (that cannot be done during the Origins Campaign).

Also while I am at it here is what your gear should look like at the end game.

The Rose's Thorn: With Paralyze Runes
Duncan's Dagger or a Tier 7 Crow Dagger: Also with Paralyze Runes

Head: Helm of Honnleath
Chest: Warden Commander's Plate
Hands: Red Jenny Seekers
Feet: Silverhammer's Taskmasters

Neck: Spellward, or High Regard of House Dace (unlikely for you to have this as it requires completing Golems of Amgarrak first), or the Warden's Oath.
Belt: Andruil's Blessing or Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering (Requires the achievement A Time of Stone and Wood from Witch Hunt) or Dalish Hunter's Belt or Shadow Belt (found in Soldier's Peak)
Ring 1: Key to the City
Ring 2: Harvest Festival Ring or Dusk Ring
"I love nailing Asari, so ageless and superior. Then you get them and they squeal like schoolgirls"- Gianna Parasini, Mass Effect 2.

User Info: ExarOs

5 years ago#10
Wow, thanks man! One of the best reviews I have seen. You should (if you haven't already) provide a guide for others to follow.

Amazing guide! Thanks again friend.
XBOX GT: Exar0s
PS3 PSN: Exar0s
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