fishing holes

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User Info: Zildjian_Master

8 years ago#1
fishing holes are fish that splash a lot of times
Jabez is the Master ^_^

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#2
fishing holes only contain 1 fish but are multiple fish

yeah here are the locations of the holes...
detroit- ? still havnt found it.. was mentioned its infront of the ship near the right of the screen but havnt found anything..

appi river- near the rocks but havnt found it

yangtze river- stand on the dock and cast infront of the island where the fish is splashing..
youll catch multiple pots

venice- no idea.. a mail message said its here

lake tanganyika- electric yellow chichilids but dont know where the hole is

tasmania- archer fish but dont know where the hole is

amazon river b- sting ray purcupine lower part of big rocks far from shore
havnt caught yet...

if you know the fish or have caught these please post with descriptive info
not just look infront of here... theres tons of fish in the water splashing.. i have no idea which ones are the holes except the yangtze river

360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#3
been trying to catch the amazon b one and nothing.. i tried near the waterfall and nothing
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#4
I found the exact locations and fish and bait used
bare with me as you need to know the area i am talking about for each spot

best to go to yangtze river and get the one from the dock... use your lugworm/earthworm and cast to the island infront of the dock.. you will see a fish shadow.. when you catch this look at the animation it is very different from catching normal fish.. you will see 2 camera views with pink shading.. first one is a wide pink and then it goes to a normal cut. You will see pots..might be 1 but if you keep trying this spot it can be 2-4

so heres the details
1# detroit- cast 1 inch infront of the tugboat parked at the very RIGHT side of the screen
use fresh lure s fish and you will catch european pearch.. he is always located there... same size fish. Just infront of the boat by a inch on your tv screen.. measure that far from it and towards the background

2# appi river
walk to the very far right of the screen.. cast towards the far right water fall but near the back left part of the ripples along the wall. about half way between the falls and the edge of the mountin wall. use red worm to catch white spotted char

3# Yangtze river
stand on the deck in the water and cast to the island infront of it.. little grass hill like thing
there is a fish infront of this almost all the time.. use lugworm/earthworm.. whatever the unlimited bait is and you will catch pots (easiest to catch and learn what the hole animation looks like)

4# venice
cast to the boat located on the left docked along the side
use plankton to catch pacific herring (pretty easy to do)

#5 Lake tanganyika
this is probably the most difficult one to do.. right when you start the level move up all the way
now turn maybe an inch to the right and cast 50-65 feet near the black shadow in the middle of the lake.. the fishing hole is one of the fish on the right.. 1/3 times youll get the right fish
once you notice which one it is keep casting closer to him till you learn what one triggers this.
use doughball to catch electric yellow cichillid. its easiest to cast a little to the right and closer to shore so he races to you. Its a very small looking icon fish.. usually 2 or 3 will chase this bait near the casting spot by the black hole to the right

#6 Tasmania
Walk to the far left of the screen and turn left
cast towards the waterfall and near the little fish icon in the pond area
use red worm to catch the archerfish (pretty simple)

#7 Amazon River B
This one is a little tricky but follow my lead
walk to the very far left by the rocks and cast to the waterfall but towards the left part of the bottom of it
similar to the appri river idea but stay in the white current part
use lugworm to catch sting ray porcupine

This is all the fishing holes i know about in the game
Any questions please ask
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#5
the fishing holes are not empty splashes.. they are fish icons
some make splashes while others dont...
the lake tanganyika one doesnt make a splash at all from what ive seen
again its hard to see which fish it is but it is from the right of the black shadow and closer to shore
the big shadows are carp.. do not try reeling them in
only the specific fish mentioned will multiply in the fishing hole
pots don't get you any value and the sting ray porcupine give you great cash
this is also an easy way to get the 100 catches no errors award which i just recently got
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#6
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#7
are there any more holes im missing?
find it odd the last one is #7...
why not end it #8?
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: nightmaiden0

8 years ago#8
that's all by my count. checked and confirmed each of your findings. grats

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#9
i dont think theres any other secrets left to find now except what the are awards im missing...
theres like 3 pages of awards.. i have pretty much the first 2..
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

User Info: Darkest_Evil

8 years ago#10
anyone else test these out other then goku?
360 gamertag: drunken feedle

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