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User Info: Darkfibre

8 years ago#1

How do you start a new game on the nintendo DS. There does not appear to be a way to wipe the two saved game slots.


User Info: mootoast

8 years ago#2
You can't delete them, but you can save over them. Select New Game in the System menu, then save over one of your old saves.

User Info: Darkfibre

8 years ago#3

Where is the system menu in the game? I just have a room with objects in? The problem is I bought the game second hand and now want to start from the beginning.

User Info: mootoast

8 years ago#4
Go to your PDA.
Scroll over until you find a symbol that looks like a DS.
Tap it.
Go to New Game.

User Info: WiiThoko

8 years ago#5
First, you gotta tap the door in the room with items in it. Then, when you're outside, do the above.

User Info: Darkfibre

8 years ago#6

Many thanks. That did I go

User Info: Squa7ch

7 years ago#7
Whoever said you can't erase a game save is wrong, it's right there in the PDA next to new, save, etc...

User Info: Lilrosco

7 years ago#8
^^yea I could have sworn I've seen a delete option before.
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