What is the best SVER loadout?

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User Info: MBergis1

7 years ago#1
I am lvl 21 and have been using the first LMG with grip and reflex, plus full medic. Kinda bored with it. What to try?

User Info: Fullgore EXE

Fullgore EXE
7 years ago#2
I've been told the Viperia (sp) is the best.
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User Info: echoheadxx

7 years ago#3

Smoke, repair gun, medical kit :)

User Info: MaizePhenom

7 years ago#4
If you are good enough, the Vipera is amazing. I was a heavy armored, LMG Medic before but picked up the Vipera yesterday and now I am a light armored, SMG medic who dominates even more than when I used the LMG.

User Info: Gundam Fan

Gundam Fan
7 years ago#5
Here's a good set

Steel Reinforced Armor
RTK LMG With sight and grip
Medical Kit

And here is the set I use when I don't need the rpg

Steel Reinforced Armor
PSK LMG with sight and grip
Medical Kit
Kurtis Siderarm
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User Info: OhsillyDutchman

7 years ago#6
Viperia is awesome with a silencer, plus the shotgun is tons of fun to mess around with. You might think about putting a few points in electronics and getting the radar jammer too.
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User Info: HaYZuuSz

7 years ago#7
DONT get the PSK MG the 3rd tier sver LMG its worse than the RTK. stick with the RTK
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7 years ago#8
Wrong !!!!
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