Bunch of Glitches

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User Info: junks808

7 years ago#1
I'm just posting this up here so that hopefully we can weed out glitches and/or find solutions to them.

Here are some glitches I've noticed so far:

Reversed controls glitch - Sometimes your controls will be all jacked up and completely wrong, direction wise, when you spawn as a paratrooper or when someone resuscitates you. I have no clue what specifically causes this or how to solve this other than opening your menu and killing yourself or having someone kill you.

Knife glitch - Sometimes when you die as you're knifing, the game registers repeated input of your knife button even though you aren't pressing it yourself. This glitch means when you spawn, the first thing you're doing is swiping your knife. If you spawn as a paratrooper you instantly fall out of your parachute and plummet to your death. If you spawn on the ground, the first thing you do is swipe your knife, possibly killing a fellow spawning team mate. No idea how to solve this, but it's caused by you dying at the exact time of you hitting your knife button. You know you have it when your controller vibrates repeatedly as if you were continuously pressing the knife button.

Kills don't count with enemy weapons - When you scavenge any enemy weapon the kills you make will not count. It seems to affect only your medals and ribbons so it doesn't appear to be a big deal. It appears as if you still get exp which is what really matters, but if you're trying for X kills with X weapon for ribbons or medals, you'll get nothing. There could be more to this but I'm not sure.

Secondary gear glitch - Sometimes when you're shuffling through your secondary items, it'll get stuck on grenades. You won't be able to switch back to your gun or any other gear that you have. I have no clue what causes this but it can be solved by throwing what you currently have stuck in your hand. I'm not sure if it gets stuck on anything other than grenades. It's always been grenades for me.

That's all I can think of from the top of my head. Feel free to add anything.
-Giant Majini

User Info: _krat0s_

7 years ago#2
Good list as ive come across 3/4 of those, that secondary glitch pisses me off in the midst of a firefight
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User Info: StrikeNinja24

7 years ago#3
I fell through the floor and died as a suicide when I spawned once today.
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User Info: Blight_Demon

7 years ago#4
On SVERs domination map, the E&F pumps can disarm door charges (outside on the first floor) from inside on the second floor which is NOT fair...

Maybe a glitch? : There are strange revival issues involving being under water. Sometimes you can revive, other times you can't.

User Info: SonicSnake486

7 years ago#5
Bunker Glitch - Sometimes when you respawn in a bunker you get stuck. Your HUD appears as it normally would but you are still in the bunker and can't get out. After this happens the only way to fix it is by having your bunker get destroyed.

It only happened to me once. It was really annoying though. I couldn't even kill myself through the menu.
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User Info: TKhaos

7 years ago#6
I kind of think about the knife glitch while parachuting as me being so dishonored by dying before I knife my victim that I cut my parachute with my knife to repent...
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