mag 2?

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User Info: steelerman

6 years ago#1

anyone hear if there will be a mag 2? i would love a new mag with more maps and better graphics.

User Info: spookykid143

6 years ago#2

It has only been a year

User Info: darthsnider

6 years ago#3
^ Call of Duty says hi.
[PHI] Darth_Snider / [GCN] Bilbo_T_Baaggins
SVER randoms are as bad as, if not worse than those on Valor and Raven.

User Info: Blight_Demon

6 years ago#4
Well, MAG was designed as a 3rd person shooter, which is why the graphics look the way they do.
If they make a sequel, and if they don't deem MAG's current look as its 'unique style.' Then we would probably see graphics more akin to CoD.

As for maps/modes/etc. I'm sure there will be something new in this department, seeing as how MAG is strictly a multiplayer game, thus we wouldn't put down money for just a reskinned version of the game we played before... right? (Madden...)

What would be most important in MAG 2 is for it to learn from the mistakes of MAG and make it better. So, that would mean better networking, better weapon balance, better map balance. These are pretty obvious, but are also difficult to test for, which is why patching is so important. However, the infrastructure must be better. As is, MAG's infrastructure led to the SVER dominance we see. Figuring out how to guarantee no PMC dominance without making MAG lose its identity should be the primary concern of any MAG sequel.

User Info: StrikeNinja24

6 years ago#5
^ And the problem with that is that it costs way too much money to implement. MAG was pushed as a console seller by Sony. It....kind of did that, but not really.

Now Zipper wants you to buy Socom 4.
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User Info: darthsnider

6 years ago#6
I'd say, keep the weapons as they currently are now that they've been patched to hell and back, but add new ones.

I'd say keep the maps too, but we certainly need more of them.
[PHI] Darth_Snider / [GCN] Bilbo_T_Baaggins
SVER randoms are as bad as, if not worse than those on Valor and Raven.

User Info: steelerman

6 years ago#7
i forgot about zipper working on socom 4.....but i am really hoping they make another MAG..i know it had its problems but they can learn from their mistakes, it still offers something different and if they take what they learned and put it into the new game with more detailed graphics (although for maps the size they had they were not bad) and make new maps and more modes,i for one would buy it day one.

User Info: slimjim646

6 years ago#8
I don't believe map balance is a correct avenue of approach for MAG. The faction specific element of the game makes the maps fun with imbalances. I would say that, there needs to be a home team advantage for all factions. Makes the maps balanced for loadouts specific for each home faction, but increase the variance of the weapons between factions so the difference would give a natural advantage to the defenders. This ultimately would increase the need for team work and tactics from the standpoint of the attackers.

That being said, I do realize there would have to be a bolstering of the suppression and sabotage modes for the casual players, here may be a case for map balance (faction neutral).

Personally I'd also like to see more structures like Valor's sabo C point. That particular point is so fun to attack and defend. And spruce up SVER's color. How can they be always fighting at sunset!?

User Info: LordRaymond

6 years ago#9
Maybe they might announce after Socom 4. There idea was superb but execution was poor. Poor map balance and overpowered guns were easily shown the first few months. Eventually leading to SVER dominating with most contracts. MAG 2 may sell worse then MAG with alienated fanbase whom caused by Zipper giving up on fixing maps by just making all maps neutral and no more unique 256 player hype.
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