cant connect to wiiconnect24. please help?

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  3. cant connect to wiiconnect24. please help?

User Info: mjmaloney

8 years ago#1
when the game loads it comes up with message saying cannot find internet connection and cant connect the wiiconnect24. i can download player updates fine but not connect to play online. all my other games work fine for online multiplayer games except this one. any advice?

User Info: kimahri03

8 years ago#2
i have the same exact problem and i dunno how to fix it =/

i would appreaciate anyones help here lol

User Info: Tappaz

8 years ago#3
Hi guys this might be able to help.

Assuming since all other online capable games you have are working - your wireless must be working as well.

PES 2009 can be a pain sometimes. I myself have had a few issues.

Here a few things that could cause it.

1. Signal strength - PES 2009 is a game that is a big pain in regards to this. In my previous flat I was using other people's connections, Mario Kart and other would work fine even on the really bad connections. The Wii would tell me that the signal strength was either yellow or red most of the time and I would have no hassle, PES would bascially give me the finger and just laugh. PES 2009 is one of those games where you almost need a strong green connection to work, and even then it sometimes hates life.

An example - my wireless router is in the same room as the Wii, searching for players to play it pops up and says my connection is low, even though I am the only one on it, its green and at full strength. So the game period just wants to be a pain sometimes.

2. If you cant connect at all to PES try either buying a wireless USB connection key for the Wii. I have tryed this on a friends Wii and this sometimes eliminates those games that always seem to give you soggy connections. Another alternative is just to buy the direct connection for the Wii, one end goes into your PC / MAC / router the other end in the Wii. Instead of using the Wii's wireless you have a hard connection to the internet, not always practical as you may not be close enough for it to work, but just another method.

3. Go through your Wii settings and make sure that Wii Connect24 is set to always on and make sure you don't have a MAC filter on your router. Even if you do, add the Wii's MAC address to your router settings.

4. If you are having trouble locating players, you may have to turn down your search settings once you are connected to wireless play. There are 3 settings Seach for anyone regardless of connections, ingnore bad connections, and only play with the strongest.
I cant find anyone either, i have only a handful of rivals and no friends, most of my rivals don't want to play me again (I have a tendency to wipe them off the pitch). Unfortunately the majority of online PES players are PS3 and XBOX 360. More have started to come onto the Wii because of the freedom you get while playing, I would imagine with PES 2010 you will start to see the numbers increase a great deal more.

Anyway hope that helped - have anymore issues just ask.

User Info: leonw98

8 years ago#4
Has everyone just stopped playing - i was fine until last monday - no real problems but since then i haven't managed to find a single opponent - i know Fifa 10 has been released and PES on other consoles - but surely there most be an opponent out their.

Even started a new profile as i suspect many people have black carded me due to beatings!
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  3. cant connect to wiiconnect24. please help?

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