What does the green diamond mean?

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User Info: magnomanX

8 years ago#1
Sometimes when I am running into the box with my striker occasionally a green diamond will appear over his head. Does anyone have any idea what it means?
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User Info: emmjay101

8 years ago#2
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that's how you fake a shot. Shaking the nunchuk while holding down Z will make the green diamond appear. I haven't thoroughly tested it but you should try doing that (holding Z down) and check the replay to see the fake.

Don't know how useful faking a shot would be though, but I guess it adds a flair to the game.
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User Info: Tappaz

8 years ago#3
Yes emmjay101 is right - that fake shot or deke if you like. It really doesn't do a fake shot as much as change direction quickly. Holding that combo down while in offense (Z+swing nunchuck) with high technically skilled players - Ronaldo, Ronaldhino, Kaka etc or anyone with high 80's & 90's+ in dribbling, it will do trade mark moves like the flak flak , sometimes a more controlled fake or even the pirouette.

Its not 100% and more often than not puts you in an off position or you and up losing the ball. This combo has been more effective against Goal Keepers I have found. Even on top player or even in multi-player the computer AI is not the hardest or the most intelligent. About 70% of the time you will dodge past the keeper into an empty net. Whereas about 50% of the time against a player you will just end up losing the ball.

Hope that helps.
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  3. What does the green diamond mean?

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