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User Info: COD2-The_Pope

7 years ago#1

So i'm getting PES 2010 for Wii cause FIFA 10 is a joke, and I was wondering what the player creator is like on the Wii version. Can you set the player's skills exactly to your liking or do you have a "cache" of skill points that you can allocate, like FIFA's Be A Pro.Also when you create a player on Wii is there a range of body types, head types, etc or is there just one set model? Thanks for the help.

User Info: Tappaz

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Tappaz

7 years ago#3
The Player Editor / Creator is the same as it has always has been for PES titles.
You have complete control over the players looks - form facial features, to body size shape and type, boot type and color, socks, undershorts, ankle or finger tape, wristbands, you can even do the infamous Davids sunglasses. Full range of stat control (yes you can have someone 99 for everything),ability control (max 5 stock abilities) and position control.
Limitless possibilities to create players, you can recreate just about any top player you desire, of course they wont be 100% accurate but they will be damn close.

Now at the moment the Wii doesn't have as much editing power compared to its PS2, PS3 and XBOX 360 counterparts. All the editing has to be done by hand unless you can get your hands on someone else's save file. Editing team kits can be a long and arduous process (unless you love it - most PES fans do, like myself). For full control of team emblems and logo you have to edit them pixel by pixel. Team kits are quite easy to edit but are somewhat limited, but there are ways around it if you don't mind the kits being slightly off or minor things missing. Most of the teams are licensed, but not all like FIFA. Generally 2-3 in the English Premier League are fully licensed, all of the French League (Ligue 1), all the Ductch League (Eredivisie), in games past all of the Spanish League (La Liga) with the exception of the Wii titles, and fully licensed kits for other teams from other Club leagues from around the world.

If you are looking for a Football / Soccer title for the Wii, definitely get PES. You wont be sorry, the control system is just pure magic and you get so much more out of the game.
If you want one with pure editing power I suggest you buy it for the PS3 or XBOX.
I prefer the Wii game and game play. Only because you can control every team member on the field it every facet, but also because I play an attacking - counter attack style.

I am currently working on a file with full kits, transfers and other things so PM me if you need more info. Keep in mind I am working on one for the current PES 2009 title for the Wii. And I suggest you go and get it. If you prefer to wait, fair enough, but if you need something to kill those football urges go out now and get PES 2009.

User Info: Tappaz

7 years ago#4
PM me at my email -

User Info: soul24rage

7 years ago#5

so for the wii version, can you do the things for players and teams the way you said?

about the players, can you fully edit them in wii as you described?

thought of getting pes 2010 for the wii

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