Any chance of an add-on DLC?

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User Info: Banjo_oz

5 years ago#1
What are the chances of a SMALL add-on DLC being made, do you think?

I've yet to finish the game but am really loving it. I heard there's no "New Game +" sadly, though, and would love to replay with all my later gear and weapons!

Maybe a couple of new - but not overpowered - weapons (for example, a one-shot-only flare pistol and/or a crowbar "machete replacer/reskin alternative") too?

Heck, for those who just want to play for the fun... why not throw in an 'Easy' mode, like Normal but with unlimited Replays... but you can't earn *any* Achievements on that setting!

If they wanted, they could even add a "Time Trial" mode: choose an Episode and beat your best time getting through it.

I don't want anything major or complicated... that's for (hopefully) the sequel. Just a few fun little new things to play with, and the ability to play through with some of your late-game stuff would make me happy, to be honest.

I'd happily pay for something like that.

Arcade titles (*sob* I so wanted this to be retail!) *can* have DLC, can't they?

User Info: Saxon

5 years ago#2
No chance, buddy. Be happy you even got the game in the first place because it was to be cancelled before Shanghai studios saved it.

User Info: bfgamer

5 years ago#3
I thought I heard a while back that if the game sold well they where going to do episodes and continue to add on to the game

User Info: SpazH3d

5 years ago#4
This is ubisoft, so don't get your hopes up. They're not big on making DLC for their smaller and not as popular games. Hell, you'll be lucky if Ubisoft even patches their games.
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User Info: Devleno

5 years ago#5
I also read that. If the game sells good they may develop more episodes or even a full game. Because the game was on the verge of being cancelled the game had to be rushed and that ruined all chances of it being a normal release game. Personally I think this game could be amazing if they added more detail. I mean who wouldn't want a game that features a nathan drake type character in a post apocalyptic city. This game has major potential!

User Info: PopGoesDaGlock

5 years ago#6
No dlc will come out for this game, if anything a full game will be released.
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  3. Any chance of an add-on DLC?

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