Really Loving This Game

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User Info: SlickDakota

6 years ago#1
Finally decided to catch up with everyone else and bought myself a PS3 about a month ago. Downloaded MM9 and wow, total nostalgia trip, this game really feels like it was made 20 years ago. Actually played it before on a friend's system but going through the game myself makes it so much better. Knew about MM since the beginning, started playing with MM3. As an older fan of the series, this is a real treat.

User Info: arczero_x

6 years ago#2
Good for you. Better to be late than never!! :)
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User Info: Zetta_Man

6 years ago#3
Welcome to the MM9 Fan Club. And welcome to classic, hardcore Mega Man gameplay that dates all the way back to before MM3's release.
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