Fate/Unlimited Codes Combo Kill + Ex move in the last.

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User Info: allankill124

7 years ago#1
Hello Has there anyone has a combo kill from your favorite character?

well I have from
Zero Lancer,
Saber Alter and

the other is still in combo kill process so wait until I have get a valid combo kill.

Hmm this is Charles Conrad A. Godinez from Philippines!

wait costume number 3 of rider is still needed hehe.
some combos are copied on a video set in youtube here is the link


well every new players or half experienced players like ME.... lets try our best!!!

well they will ask soon or now that are you just new or really an expert?...like that.

but its true I'm still between A new player and a half experienced player

I got my Fate/Unlimited Codes LAST MONTH from my friend in Japan

well Its good that I have a friend

hey can someone tell me that there is a bragging feeling in this topic?

User Info: nutxy12_345

7 years ago#2
I almost manage all character's combo kill + Ex move in the last , except Sakura,Caster,and Luvia (it's really hard to make a chain combo with them)...

My favorite is Archer, because while i'm collecting his chant i can make my combo extended XD

User Info: Fate2er0

7 years ago#3
Well watching your vid on youtube i noticed that its the PSP game you are talking about.
btw: this is the Ps2 section.
i think that the psp game is somewhat ridiculous cuz its like 10000 times easier than the ps2 game.
- grail move does 8k dmg on the PSP version while it only does 4k on the Ps2 version
- special moves doesnt need to be unscled on the psp cuz they deactivated it
- the dmg doesnt lessen the higher the combo count is (on the PSP version)

So doing Kill Combos on the Ps2 needs alot of mastery.
well to back to the topic, on the ps2 version the only char i can pull of a 1 hit combo is with saber alter (cuz her dmg is totally broken...i can do an 8k dmg combo with just 1 bar)

Fav. chars are Rin, Archer, Saber (Lily)

User Info: allankill124

7 years ago#4
Well Its psp But I have also in PS2 so I have 1 each in PSP and PS2

4000 EX damage? but the real damage is 6000 EX damage.
well that's the trick just go to option then game option the change the damage number 2 to 4
Its 4000 EX damage then It become 6000 EX damage.

User Info: Fate2er0

7 years ago#5
Yea sure but dmg lvl 2 is the default one and its also the one which is used in the arcade version.
So combos with dmg lvl set on 2 are the ones which in my opinion are the legit ones.
That means the real dmg of the ex-moves is 4k (except for gil he does a lil bit more).
Also dmg lvl 4 increases the overall dmg of all atks, not only the ex-moves.

btw, i tried the same combo from saber alter (mentioned in the previous post) with dmg lvl 4 and it does 11k dmg with just 1 mana bar
-> overpowered, cuz it 1 hits every1 except saber alter and berserker (both got 11,5k hp)
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