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User Info: StarGate55555

8 years ago#1
i have everything except 2 items one is under GAME REWARDS >>> TEAM PICTURES. missing the very last one (bottom right corner) and GAME REWARDS>>>CONCEPT ART also missing the very last one (bottom right hand corner)
i anybody has those 2 can u tell me what the writing is on the bottom of the picture so that i have an idea in which level it is.
i have finished the game 4 times and still cant find those 2 (either im blind or they r really hard to find). please help and if anybody needs help with anything else please ask.

User Info: hopski

8 years ago#2
i need those too pls help us

User Info: zachfile0818

8 years ago#3
I think that it just always says that you're missing the last one no matter which one it is. I'm in the same boat. I need 2 concept arts, and it just says i'm missing the last 2. It's irritating though cause i've played the game through like 8 times and thats the only thing i need for the platinum.

User Info: Ntkiller

8 years ago#4
did they make a guide book because it should have it and I'm only missing one. One I know of is right when you start a new game if you go behind the counter in wes appart there one in between the open doors I think that's one of them that your missing if not.
Go to where you are on the ski lift in the beginning after fighting like a couple of guys. There are a small set of stairs which has one hidden under it. It's right when you get off the ski lift. It's in the right side corner of it very hard to see.

User Info: StarGate55555

8 years ago#5
there is one right at the beginning of shoot those motherf....ers level. as soon as u start the level where u get the special gun for first time as soon as u start go all the way to the left and back behind the crates. there is also one when u r fighting arana (spider) dont hide and turn arround and look on top of a crate.
one quick thing everytime u start a level always try to go back as far as possible and look around cause there r always some items in the back.

User Info: StarGate55555

8 years ago#6
if u go to youtube u can find a video write "wanted item reward act" and it tells u act by act the videos are very short and not very good but it helped me get platinum (ps3). there are a lot in act 8 and 9

User Info: andrewthomas16

8 years ago#7

User Info: kilik_killer

8 years ago#8
PSN/MGO:Viewtifuldude.Member of BoogeyKnights, the official boogeyman fan club
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