Datacron & World Boss Locations (Imperial and shared locations) Part 1

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User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#1
I compiled and created the following for my guild and figured it might help you all out here, as well. If any of you are in the regular beta group or those making runs for this weekend see if you can verify or help me clarify locations and descriptions. Thank you and enjoy.

Korriban: 3 Datacrons:
• Endurance +4: Loc: 128, 81 - Near the shuttle that you leave the planet on.
• Willpower +4: Loc: 529, 64 - This is located on a plateau near the first shuttle your
quests will take you.
• Red Matrix Shard: Loc: -42, 582 - Located in the non-instanced group area inside
the tomb of Tulak Hord.
• World Boss: None

Hutta: 3 Datacrons:
• Aim +4: Loc: -94, 859 - This is on an inaccessible hill side. You need to climb a
nearby pipe to a higher vantage point and jump down to it.
• Blue Matrix Shard: Loc: -10, 322 - This is inside the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels.
• Presence +4: Loc: 650, -107 - This is located on an island. Follow the pipeline that
leads to the island and you'll be able to get this one.
• World Boss: None

Dromund Kaas: 5 Datacrons:
• Strength +4 : Loc: 855, 643 - This is located in shuttle bay D-61 on the west wall on
top of some boxes. You will need to jump onto a ventilation pipe from the walkway
above to get to this.
• Endurance +4: Loc: -795, 1451 - There is a path that leads up behind Lord
Grathan's Estate.
• Yellow Matrix Shard: Loc: -189, 1737 - This Datacron is located on top of a waterfall
in The , Malignnt Bog. There is a path just to the south that leads up to the top of
the waterfall.
• Presence +4 : Loc: 581, 796 - Follow the road that heads Southwest from the
starport to its end.
• Cunning +4: Loc: -1219, 211 - This Datacron is located on top of a rock. You will
need to fall to it from a higher location. There is a path that you'll need to jump to
get onto that is located at approx -1090, 209 that will lead to a good vantage point
to access this Datacron.
• World Boss: The First; Level 18 HP 230235 Location in the Large lake in the area
of Shadow Spawn Heroic

Balmorra(Empire): 5 Datacrons:
• Cunning +4: Loc: 1850, 111 - Located in the Balmorran Arms Factory
• Green Matrix Shard: Loc: -505, 1989 - This is located in the Neebray Wharehouse -
Lower Level and requires 2 people to access it. The closest flight path is Troida.
• Aim +4 (GH 23) (Empire) Loc: -1019, 1514 - This is located in the Okara Droid
Factory, take the lift to the assembly line and look for a entrance below one of the
production lines. The closest flight path is Markaran.
• Willpower +4 (Empire) Loc: 192, -343 - This one is located near the bugtown
flightpath. You need to purchase a Lost Code Cylinder from the vendor located at:
670, 38 to open the locked box this datacron is in.
• Strength +4 (Empire) Loc: 727, 2033 - Head south from the Sundari outpost,
across the bridge then head south from the bridge, don’t walk along the cliff and if
you see a white turret your heading in the right direction.
• World Boss: Grandfather; Level 22, HP 304495, Loc:

User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#2
Nar Shaddaa: 5 Datacrons:
• Strength +6: Loc: 1943, 2481 - Near the Network Access Taxi you will be able to
look down and see what looks like a taxi below. You need to carefully fall to the
platform that taxi is sitting on. That taxi will bring you to a Datacron. You can then
use the communicator to return.
• Presence +6: Loc: 2930, 397 - This datacron is on a raised platform in the Rebel
Refugee Section in the Duros Sector. You are going to need some serious
platforming skills to access this one. You start your platforming at 1616, -2676 (No
that's not a misprint). You want to jump on the boxes, hop on the beam, run to the
catwalk, and jump on a "canvas" to the next catwalk. You will see an elevator; take it
to the Residential Catwalk. At this point you are above the datacron, look around,
plan your moves and claim your prize. It should be noted that if you fail to hit the
beams after you take the elevator, you will either die to the fall or the groups of four
elite mobs; enjoy!
• Aim +6: Loc: -3700, -1692 - This datacron is on a raised platform in the Corellian
Sector. You will notice a floating Kiosk in this area; it makes a circle around this
room (takes approx. 10 mins to complete a circle). You will need to jump onto the
roof above the bench at -3785, -1681 (use the nearby crates and shelves to get
there) and get your ride on the floating Kiosk at that location.
• Cunning +6: Loc:1931, 3314 - Inside the Highsecurity lockdown area, look for a
pile of creates, climb them to gain access to the incinerator room, whille in this
room you need to quickly run to the other side to access the console and input one
of these commands ventilation 3918, hydro 3782, incinerator 3827 the door to the
datacon will open pick it up but dont forget to search the game machine next to it to
obtain the item to get the next datacon.
• Yellow Matrix Shard: Loc: 1702 3084 - Inside the Network Security room just before
the Transit Bridge there’s a pile of boxes climb up them to the next level to find a
game machine with a datacron in it, use the item gained from the incinerator
datacron to open it.
• World Boss: Battledroid R4-GL ; Level 32, HP 581435, Loc: 2040, -1570

Tatooine: 5 Datacrons:
• Cunning +6: Loc: -720, 3912 - This is on a rooftop in Mos Ila and will require
jumping from rooftop to rooftop until you get to the right place. You can start your
roof walking at: -1005, 3887.
• Willlpower +6: Loc: 625, 202 - You need to stand on the edge of the ledge
(Location: 586, 294) and look down, you will see a protrusion in the rock face, there
is a cave there. You need to carefully jump to that location across the rock face.
• Aim +6: Loc: -2071, 755 - This Datacron is located on the wing of the crashed ship.
You will need to access this from the cliff face in the Crashed Transport Ship
(Group Area).
• Strength +6: Loc: -3841, -600 - This Datacron is on the side of the sand crawler.
You may access it by standing directly against the side of the sandcrawler.
• Blue Matrix Shard Loc: -3850, -600 - This Datacron is on the top of the sand
crawler. You may only access it by taking a ride on the jawa balloon, look around
coords -3158, 783 for a partially buried sand crawler; this is where you will get on
the jawa balloon. Jump off the balloon when you're over the sand crawler with the
datacron. The balloon takes roughly an hour to circumvent Tatooine so do this
when you have time.
• World Boss: Trapjaw; Level 30, HP 598105, Loc: -1772, -865, 410

User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#3
Alderaan: 5 Datacrons:
• Endurance +6: Loc: 2721, 2494 - You will enter a cave at: 2374, 2450 and follow the
tunnel that goes strait in. You will see a blast pack attached to the wall that can be
used to blow away rock and claim your Datacron.
• Strength +10: Loc: 2191, -2018 - This Datacron is located on the face of the dam,
on a small ledge. You need to go around the backside of the dam, and jump from
2240, -2026 using obstacles to break your fall halfway down. There is a "Magnetic
Stabilizer" right above the platform, you can click on it from the nearby ledge and it
pulls you over.
• Aim +10 Loc: 1105, 80 - This Datacron is located on an island that is only
accessible via a very slow trolly, You may enter the trolly at: 1090, -7.
• Willpower +6 Loc: -2507, -425 - This Datacron is inside Castle Panteer on the
Mezzanine floor. You will find a door that looks forced open, it leads to the grand
• Presence +6: Loc: -162, -336 - It's halfway up the big rock holding up the center of
the bridge in Glarus Valley. There appears to be no access to this Datacron.
• World Boss: ULGO Siegebreaker; Level 35, HP 538325

Taris: 5 Datacrons:
• Endurance +6: Loc: -1513, -255 - You are going to need to do some walking
across a ledge (Ledge Entrance at: -1367, -208), then jump to what looks like a big
broken pipe and make your way to this Datacron. At the time of this writing there is
a graphical glitch that will cause the ledge to disappear from view, this only lasts
for a few meters, so be careful. Nearest shuttle (for Imperials) is Crater Command
• Cunning +10: Loc: -643, 1606 - You will enter the Abandoned Pirate Cave at -768,
1191 and take the elevator in the back of the room to the bottom floor (Republic
Mine). When you arrive at the room with the Datacron you will notice a bulldozer in
the room. You will need to jump onto the bulldozer and then jump box to box until
you reach the Datacron. The closest flight path is Bomber Command Post. This
one is frustrating, but at least you won't die to fall damage!
• Aim +10: Loc: 1047, 454 - This Datacron is almost due east of 75th Legion
Forward Camp on a beam that is raised off the ground. To access it you will need
to jump up on the beam and walk to it. Again patience on your jumps will get you to
your prize! Access to the beam can be had at: 941, 314.
• Presence +10: Loc: 1187,-574 - You will enter Transport Station 5 (Directly North of
Border Assault Post) at 390, 3 at the first split in the road you will make a left turn
and keep going until you arrive at the Datacron location. The Datacron is located on
a raised platform, it is fairly obvious how you will access it.
• Willpower +10: Loc: 442, -772 - The last location is Northeast of Forward Post
Alpha. You will be doing some beam walking starting at location: 359, -901. If you
fall, you WILL die!
• World Boss: Loc -800,-700 The Sinking City; upper left corner

Quesh: 3 Datacrons:
• Endurance +10:Loc: 207, 769 - Look for a swear pipe with bars and you should be
able to see the datacron, there’s a entrance to the datacron from the north and
• Cunning +10 Loc: 426, -130 - This is northwest of the Republic Operational
Headquarters. Fairly easy to find, go to the target area, you'll see a hole in the fence.
• Strength +10: Loc: 558, 1422 - Near the three family’s war camp on a hill.
• World Boss: unknown

User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#4
Hoth: 5 Datacrons:
• Red Matrix Shard: Loc: -735, 1702 - This Datacron is located in the Highmount
Ridge area which is South of Leth Outpost. The Datacron is out in the open,
nothing special needed to claim it.
• Cunning +10: Loc: 3143, 471 - This Datacron is located on the second floor of the
Star of Coruscant. You will need to use the 3 moving boxes to navigate your way to
the Datacron. Your starting point is 3248, 493. The entrance to the Star of
Coruscant is on the bottom right of the starship graveyard.
• Presence +10: Loc: 1041, -1245 - This Datacron is almost a strait shot North of
Frostwake Outpost near the top of the map. It appears to be on a hillside and
unreachable however at 1145, -995 there is a ledge on the hillside that you can
hop onto and ride it North. When the ledge ends you jump down (hug the wall) and
follow the path through a cave and to your Datacron.
• Endurance +10: Loc: 2837, -374 - Jump up the ice from the start (2607, -844) until
you are above what looks like an ice bridge, which you drop down onto. Then follow
the routes jumping up the ice at the end to get to the right level and the Datacron
should be at the end.
• Strength +10: Unknown!
• World Boss: unknown

Belsalvis: 5 Datacrons:
• Aim +10: Loc: -2354, -2319 - In the tomb area, look for a lava pit and travel across
the hard to see laser bridge.
• Green Matrix Shard: Loc: -1906, -2562 - In the tomb area, there should be a lift in a
small cave that takes you down to a machine that requires a group of people that
all contain a Rakata Energy Cubes to create a datacon. Known spawn points for
Rakata Cubes are: (-2711, 888), (-2789, 956), (-606, 746), there are likely other
spawn points as well. At present time, this Datacron is broken and does not give
you the promised Matrix Shard.
• Willpower +10: Loc: -2073, 377 - In the Belsavis high security section you will find a
pathway located at (-2399, 391) follow it to the Datacron.
• Presence +10: Loc: -3484, -867 - Your start point for this is a pair of rocks (-3705,
-562). You will notice a tunnel between the rocks, follow it and walk along the ledge
to the right to the datacron. This is located in the Belsalvis Maximum Security
Section almost directly to the east of the Maximum Security Thoroughfare.
• Endurance +10: Loc: -2562,-839 - This Datacron is located in a cave in the
Northern section of the High Security Area. Starting point is -2475,-775 there a
large group of rocks there go around and climb on the rocks and you'll see a large
gap between the rocks and the wall go down this gap and you'll see a cave
entrance the datacron is inside the cave.
• World Boss: unknown

Voss: 5 Datacrons:
• Strength +10: Unknown!
• Endurance +10: (Currently bugged for Imperial players)
• Cunning +10: Unknown!
• Willpower +10: Loc: -29, 371 - This one is fairly strait forward to get to. At location
-442, 402 you will see a grassy path, which you will follow to a rock formation (-432,
179) forming "steps" you will jump from one step to another. At the top of the steps
there is a cave, you will follow the cave to your prize. Near the Fort Kodentha flight
• Presence +10: Loc: 2000, -940 - In the Northeast corner of the nightmare lands you
will find a small island with three Voss Mystics meditating. You will click on a
mediation tablet that will put you in a dream state. You need only click the Datacron
at this point.
• World Boss: unknown

User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#5
Corellia: 5 Datacrons:
• Datacron 1: Unknown
• Datacron 2: Unknown
• Datacron 3: Unknown
• Datacron 4: Unknown
• Datacron 5: Unknown
• World Boss: unknown

User Info: Veraxulous

6 years ago#6
Brilliant information!

One question... what are those shards?

Also you may want to include clickable lore objects if you can.

User Info: Beowulfx87

6 years ago#7

User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#8
The matrix shards are used when you have three(doesn't matter the color combination) to create a relic at the matrix cube assembler these depending on the color will give you bonuses to stats while the relic is equipped

User Info: Veraxulous

6 years ago#9
Azarath314 posted...
The matrix shards are used when you have three(doesn't matter the color combination) to create a relic at the matrix cube assembler these depending on the color will give you bonuses to stats while the relic is equipped

So can you come back and farm them to try and produce different colored relics?

User Info: Azarath314

6 years ago#10
I will happily create one for the lore objects on each planet but I will need help in doing so.
If this is something that interests the community those that are in the beta please write down the coordinates of the lore object and its name, and I can go from there.
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