Best assassin spec for leveling

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User Info: stealthsnowpaw

5 years ago#1
I started out as DPS but respec'd to darkness tank and that gave me a lot more survivability. It might have been that I ran out of money and couldn't repair my gear a couple of times, but are the DPS trees a little squishy in the beginning? Khem Val does a pretty decent job tanking, and we do really well when I'm in dark charge as well. Does it even really matter which spec I pick before endgame? I'm new to MMOs so I don't really know which play style I prefer yet. Any advice? I'm level 15 if that matters.
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User Info: M3D1C1NEMAN

5 years ago#2
I'm taking Deception on my assasin for leveling. Stealth has always been a good strat for leveling in MMO's and will also be good for the occational PvP as I make my way towards 50. I'm sure Darkness will be fine you may just not kill this fast but you will probably be almost impossible to take down by normal enemies (dont know for certain as I didnt really look into the Darkness spec but I imagine its fine). I'm assuming the madness spec is for straight dps no stealth or anything but that's probably good for endgame straight DPS. I'll have to look into these further but that's my 2c.
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User Info: Suvorov

5 years ago#3
I am only level 8 with my SI, so I can't really offer any advice on a specific build. I have been running a few classes up to about 8-10 to see what I like better.

If you want dps and survivability, you may want to try a Sith Warrior. My SI is much squisher than my SW, even at earlier levels. Another strong class with DPS and very high survivability is my Bounty Hunter. Wow, that guy puts out some damage and with Mako following you and healing you, very tough to die.
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User Info: Soulstrikes

5 years ago#4
Levelled darkness from 10-20, Felt very slow even with the droid companion healing. Went from 20-24(where i am now) with deception, felt a lot faster.
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User Info: nilesthebrave

5 years ago#5
Levelling in darkness. Doesn't seem to bad, I'm sure Deception or Madness is a hell of a lot faster though.
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