Jedi shadow stats and abilities question

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User Info: CrimsonRyu

5 years ago#1
I am running a dps jedi shadow going up the infiltrator skill tree.

My first question is, should I focus more on endurance or willpower since that seems to be the two stats I get on my armors.

My second question is, what abilities should I focus on for dps. I mainly stealth and get behind the enemy. I just need advice to see if im going in the right direction

User Info: Jabroni2000

5 years ago#2
Willpower. The way stats work, each class has a primary stat - in the Consular's case (both Sage and Shadow) it's Willpower.

This handles just about everything for that class - damage, healing, etc. So for DPS spec you want Willpower.

Endurance is health. All classes need health. However, only tank classes really need a lot of it. So you should be grabbing Willpower over Endurance if given the choice.

Infiltration spec is based on stealth, so yeah, you're doing it right (just keep going all the way up the tree, you'll get some extra points you can put into other trees later on).
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User Info: CrimsonRyu

5 years ago#3
Cool. Thanks


5 years ago#4
infiltration is TONS of fun!! as you go higher up the tree youll begin to get talents that are going to require you to keep an eye on your buffs- you have talents, when procced, reduce the cost of your shadow strike, or project, or increase the damage of your force breach, project, etc.

the best place to be positioned is behind the target to launch off reduced-cost shadow strikes as the proc occurs.

willpower is definitely our most important stat as well. it'll increase your damage output the most, whereas strength, cunning and aim do virtually nothing for our class. endurance, as mentioned above, also helps since everyone needs a decent sized health pool.

as you get to higher levels youll see stats such as power, crit chance, alacrity, surge, etc, beginning to show up on gear. crit and surge rating seem to be the best for infiltration, as a lot of our damage becomes based on criticals as we level up. critical chance obviously increases the frequency of crits, and surge rating increases the bonus multiplier for criticals. they go hand in hand.

hope this helps, have fun!
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User Info: CrimsonRyu

5 years ago#5
One other thing should I use force or generators

User Info: Mivo

5 years ago#6
Read this, it gives you all the basics:
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