how to play sith marauder

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User Info: a_sh0pping_cart

5 years ago#1

I'll be straight up and say I'm an mmo noob. I'm a level 12 sith marauder and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I understand the whole Rage thing so I'm not THAT noob, but I want some advice on how to go about combat in the optimal way.

Like, what's the best sequence of moves to execute when fighting one strong opponent. Or the best sequence of moves for cc. Or a couple situational tips. Anything would help, really. Thanks!

User Info: Crixen420

5 years ago#2
Just depends on which playstyle you like the best. I prefer to use the Middle tree skills. Any who i cant remember what all skills you have at the time but this is what i would always do. Target NPC, let Vette get her charge shot powering up. When it is almost about to hit you use force charge. Then you use the ability to gain alot of Rage points like 4 in one hit (if you have it) then from that use your channel attack or if you dont have that yet you can just spam out viscous strike. you can honeslty keepy doing this over and over untill about 20 or so.
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User Info: Hak

5 years ago#3
Don't underestimate Ravage - uses no rage, and does a substantial chunk of damage over 3 seconds. Just watch for enemies with knockback or stuns. The damage-over-time attack is also pretty handy, particularly when you are up against silver/gold enemies, though by the time they become challenging you should have the higher tier talents like Blood Rage and the bonus to Force Scream damage and critical multiplier, at which point Force Scream becomes your primary big damage attack.

My usual is Charge, Force Choke, Ravage, Force Scream (if Bloodrage has started). If Bloodrage hasn't went, then Massacre will pretty much always get it, then Force Scream. That's for starters. Afterwards, it very much depends on if you're fighting more than one enemy, who your companion is, if the enemies are elites, and how hard they're hitting you (Force Choke followed immediately by Obfuscate gives you 10 seconds of almost compelte immunity).
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