Imperial Agent (Sniper): focusing on a specific skill tree?

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User Info: MstrDrgn1012

5 years ago#1
I'll try to keep this moderately short.

I started playing an Agent (which is now my main, fell in love with his smug character and cold demeanor).

I originally wanted to go Special Ops for the extra support (healing) and survival, but ended up deciding to go in a new direction: Sniper with pure DPS. (not usually something I pick)

I love it! Roll into cover, set-up your criticals and explosion prove, stun the extra enemies, and take out your main target in 1-2 shots.

Anyway, i'm wondering which skill tree branch MMORPG vets would tend to focus on, if any (maybe spread across all 3?)

I get that Marksman is to emphasize the Sniper's pure DPS, but honestly, Engineering looks a lot more appealing to me (perhaps because it makes me feel like i didn't stray away too far from the Special Ops? or because i like the idea of a cybertech engineering agent).

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear other Sniper's opinions. Even Operatives really.

But most importantly, how useful is the Engineering branch in the end? Am I ruining my Sniper's potential by overlooking Marksman and focusing on the wrong branch!?

User Info: Cheesypoof

5 years ago#2
My sniper's level 25, so take this with a grain of salt, but I enjoy the marksman tree immensely. I've heard good things about engineering too. The one thing I would say is that hybrid builds usually aren't as effective as focusing on one tree. Especially since sniper is pure DPS, you mighty as well pick the skills that have synergy with each other, and that means focusing on a single tree.

TL;DR: Don't hybridize, I like marksman but I haven't played engineer.
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User Info: MstrDrgn1012

5 years ago#3
Just caught a typo spell-check didn't catch..

*Explosion Probe.... not 'Prove'.

User Info: MstrDrgn1012

5 years ago#4
In that case, I'll be RPing a bit more on my Agent. (just feels right. ^_^)

Engineering it is then!

(chances are, before i'm done playing i'll have another agent or two

User Info: theEqualizer

5 years ago#5
I've played all 3 sniper specs and engineering is the best spec imo.

Lethality is not a well designed tree imo. Essentially you're supposed to open with Weakening Blast, put on your 2 dots then hit Cull and repeat. Problem is one of your dots is the aoe poison grenade which has a 12 second cooldown which is bad when you're doing single target dps. On the flip side, Corrosive Dart is bad in big groups because it's too much of an energy hog to tab dot.

Marksman is good but falls behind because Series of Shots is such a terrible move on it's own and Rapid Fire does nothing to improve it's dps. Folowthrough is an amazing ability which hits like a truck but it's not worth giving up EMP Discharge and Interrogation Prove.

Now onto why Engineering is the best tree. You get Interrogation Probe which is a good dot. Explosive Probe becomes amazing dps for single target in PvE and provides nice mini-sustained burst in pvp because you get the initial big hit then 1-2 subsequent hits. Series of Shots gets it's dps improved since it now puts a dot on and now it becomes wothwhile to cast. And perhaps the biggest reason why Engineering is the best is EMP discharge. With this move you can reset the cooldown on Adrenaline Probe every minute. Which means less weaving of Rifle Shot into your rotation which means more dps. You can keep a pretty consistent dps rotation with a 1 minute cd Adrenaline Probe.

User Info: HnM777

5 years ago#6
I am a lvl50 Sniper and I leveled in PvE and PvP but I am a PvPer in a PvP guild... I leveled up until about 40ish as Marksman then respeced to Engi and it was a lot of fun... Engi is definitly viable in PvP but I feel it is a bit better in PvE as you have Plasma Probe which is all but useless in PvP (cept for MAYBE voidstar if you are defending)

I played as Engi at LvL50 for about a week up until yesterday and went back to Marksman and OMG! I feel like myself again, I can stretch my legs, do some damage and be useful again, Engi just feel agonizingly slow when PvP you drop your InterProbe on some and hes dead before it ticks its 200tick... then you wasted your EMP and maybe even Explosives Probe... Engi has some nice bonuses but honestly it messes with the bread and butter rotation of a Sniper

you just lack the buffs to Snipe and Ambush and SoS... now that I am back to Marksman I feel whole again

Cover, Scatter Shot(armor break), Instant Snipe Crit, Follow Through, short cast Ambush, FollowThrough, SoS , (top tier marks ability), SoS, SoS, targets dead or I just hit em with TakeDown then their dead

I love how they designed the tree to really put a rotation together for you,everything meshes well and each shot grants something else for another shot, where as in Engi you have all the same shots but they all do significantly less damage and you have to relay on Inter Probe which is "meh" EMP and Explosive probe, I wish I could keep Explosive probes buffs in Marks but honestly now I dont use it any more as its a HUGE Energy Hog

another nice thing with Engi is the 6% less dmg in cover and the 30% boost to AoE Crit Dmg and the almost instant endless Frag Grenades, I would put up some serious DPS#s on Hutt ball but it was kinda a lie cause I was just chucking grenades into the group and critting everyone for 12-1500 but not doing anything significant or killing anyone
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User Info: MstrDrgn1012

5 years ago#7
Thx for the feedback all.
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