Scoundrel or Gunslinger?

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User Info: L_M_4

5 years ago#1
Can't really decide between them.

I already have a Powertech BH, so i was originaly just gonna go Gunslinger for the dual pistols, but I'm having second thoughts

Are Scatterguns/Stealth any fun? I'm not really worried about which class is easier/better for pvp or anything, just whichever one is most fun/interesting to play.
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User Info: David_741

5 years ago#2
Scoundrels are good but if you already went Powertech you might want Gunslinger as both powertech and Scoundrels are mobile.

The gunslinger is pure ranged at 30-35m away while the Scondrel has mostly melee attacks and only really ranged for healing.
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User Info: IgotEpixx

5 years ago#3

Stealth/Melee/Healing (Scoundrel).


Longest range in the game, pure DPS (Gunslinger).


It ultimately comes down to what you want to do.

User Info: SeerMagic

5 years ago#4
from a purely animation standpoint, the gunslinger blows. all those talents and abilities, is just burst gun fire. looks like all the free attacks out there.
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User Info: Tha FrenchFry

Tha FrenchFry
5 years ago#5
The Scrapper tree in the Scoundrel line is a lot of fun. Plus being able to heal is nice too, and when they bring in dual specs, you'll have a solid offspec to help get into groups.
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User Info: L_M_4

5 years ago#6
Blahh, decisions. D:
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User Info: jaredt13

5 years ago#7
Go scoundrel. Pure DPS classes are fun for a while, but you eventually end up regretting it in the long run.
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User Info: Thechosenwaffle

5 years ago#8
Scoundrel = Stealth, Shotgun to the back of the head, pistol whip, quick shot to the face, nut shot, blow out their brains, the end.

Gunslinger = Hat, shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot repeat.
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User Info: Rocketdot

5 years ago#9
Have you considered operative or sniper? They both seem cooler to me. Using a sniper rifle for long range DPS as compared to 2 pistols. Makes more sense.

And the operative attacks with a knife, along with a blaster rifle instead of a silly little pistol. Both of the imperial agents get little robot drones to help attack/defend, which is more 'Star Warsy' I think.

The scoundrel has a pistol but doesn't ever have the need to use it...Besides to pistol whip people. I love shotguns, but I think it is kind of silly you pull out a shotgun with your left hand and use it one handed, with the useless pistol always in your right hand. If the scoundrel only had a shotgun even for normal attacks, would be much better.

Overall the smuggler seems kind of silly and zany and doesn't really fit into the Star Wars universe, IMO.

User Info: AstroApe

5 years ago#10
"Overall the smuggler seems kind of silly and zany and doesn't really fit into the Star Wars universe, IMO."

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