Best crew skills / crafting for a Sith marauder?

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  3. Best crew skills / crafting for a Sith marauder?

User Info: MugenNoKaze

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, I'm a complete newb and I got to 10 today and successfully became a Sith marauder.

What is the best crew skills / crafting for my character class?

Thanks in advance!
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User Info: Exocrat

5 years ago#2
If you're trying to rush to 50 and plan on raiding/pvping extensively, conventional wisdom says you should take biochem for stims and medpacs. Bioanalysis will give you the materials for this. Diplomacy will give you materials for prototype and artifact (blue and purple) items, or alternatively slicing will give you a modest income boost which you can use to buy these materials from the GTN.

If you're more interested in taking your time leveling to 50 and enjoying the crafting system, go with Artifice or Synthweaving for your craft skill.

User Info: DragonFire04

5 years ago#3
That kinda depends on what you want to be able to make.

So say you want to make hilts, enhancements, crystals, shields/generators, and foci then you would pick Artifice. Then you would need the 2 complementary skills that go with it Archeology and Treasure Hunting.

Arch = Artifact Fragments, Power and Color crystals and crafting materials

Treasure = Gemstones, Lock boxes, Companion Gifts

You could also substitute Slicing for one of those if you want money but then you'd have to buy the materials off the Market, which by the way can be harder if your server doesn't have the best market.
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User Info: MugenNoKaze

5 years ago#4
Cool, thanks for the help.
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User Info: Gynthaeres

5 years ago#5
My rankings:

Absolute best:
Biochem. Reusable stims, reusable medkits, and both are better than the basic stuff available to other players. Also its implants can help gear your companions, since implants are tough to come across for them.

Really good:
Cybertech. Makes mods and armoring, to keep your orange gear up to snuff. Makes ear pieces, which can be useful for companions. Also makes some miscellaneous cool stuff, like ship parts. Also is a really good moneymaker; much of the stuff it crafts can sell really well.

Artificing: Lets you craft lightsaber crystals, which are pretty hard to get independent of a new lightsaber. Also makes enhancement mods for general gear, and focii / generators, which can be hard to get for companions.
Armstech: Makes weapons, useful for companions, and weapon barrels, to upgrade your weapon.

Armortech and Synthweaving: Make only gear, nothing else. Gear can be good for leveling, but when you consider how much money you invest in leveling it, you may as well just buy gear from the trade house. Kind of useful for gearing out some of your companions, but again, considering the money invested in it, you may just want to buy stuff from the trade house. No other utility, really.

I would remind you, however, that this is an MMO, and tradeskill balance may change. If you go for a skill because it's "the best" rather than something you WANT, in a couple months, you may be crushed when said "best" skill is nerfed and no longer the undisputed best.
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User Info: Littlehawk37

5 years ago#6
The reusable medkits and stims are rather helpful for me as a squishy/incompetent marauder.
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User Info: thatguy181

5 years ago#7
Biochem, Bioanalysis, and your choice of whatever for your third profession.

You can grind Biochem to 400 with just the green mats from Bioanalysis (though without buying the Diplomacy mats or picking up Diplomacy you won't get to enjoy any of the lower level reusable artifact quality items) and then with a heroic drop you can craft your max level reusable stims/adrenals/healthpacks.

User Info: TylerGamer84

5 years ago#8
Having medkits and stims from Biochem does seem to be the most useful since everything else gets beat by high level vendor gear. And as far as the crew skills getting tweaked to be better in the future, from what I've seen and done, its almost nothing to dump and level up another skill. So I'd go with Biochem.
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User Info: random_noobie

5 years ago#9


one of those.

take slicing over diplomacy if you don't mind buying the mats off the AH. i wouldn't bother getting the reuseable stim/medkits for anything lower than the level 40 versions. you'll out-level most of them pretty fast and if you have bad luck like me, you'll waste half the time between the stim levels - 16 to 24, 24 to 32, etc. - trying to get the purple mat needed.

or, you could make a bunch of green stims and just be careful.

but, the level 50 rataka stims/medpacks don't require diplomacy mats, just the hardmode material drop, so, you could take slicing and basically get free money and just wait for those... which is what i'm doing. i have another character with diplomacy, so, if i need the grade 6 mats for the tionese implants, i can just switch characters and do those.
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User Info: AllSystemsGo

5 years ago#10
Biochem/Bioanalysis/Slicing for leveling. Drop Slicing for Diplomacy at level 50. Honestly, if it's your first character, there's no other choice. Biochem is amazing and Slicing is great for the added income boost.
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