Commando VS Vanguard

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User Info: Uzamaki117

5 years ago#1
Currently I'm thinking of going Soldier for the following reasons

1. Cool Armor
2. Only starting planet I didn't play yet
3. Republic seems funner than Empire
4. The sounds of story makes Soldier seemed better of Bounty Hunter

However, I am stuck on AC.

I've never healed before, so playing a medic roll seems fun, but I don't want to leave myself defenseless and weak working on the medic. I want to be able to do heavy damage too so Commando looks good. But I also don't like the idea of being mandatory, and I also like the idea of taking a lot of damage as well as dishing out a lot so Vanguard looks nice too.

I'm not sure which to pick, they both look like valid options. But exactly how much more damage does the Commando do over Vanguard and how much more damage can the Vanguard take?

Also, I currently made a build for each AC, note I know nothing on healing, or any of the soldiers abilities so these builds are probably awful and any advice to improve either of them while I recieve help on which AC to use would be most appreciated.

Commando Build

Vanguard Build

User Info: alucard599

5 years ago#2
Commandos dont outshine Vanguards by much in dps. Check the Assault spec tree and see the massive dps output Vanguards/Powertechs can do while maintaining mobility which dps Commandos lack.
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User Info: Spinnah

5 years ago#3
Vanguard is much more fun IMO. Very mobile, and lots of punching enemies in the face. Commando is basically a turret, and while I have fun with the medic spec now, apparently they're getting nerfed to hell and back in 1.2.

User Info: Asherath

5 years ago#4
all of the above

User Info: Kardde

5 years ago#5
It's much easier to do a lot of damage as a commando than a vanguard. Commandos are dead simple to play, and they have a lot of spammable abilities that do good damage. A DPS-spec vanguard won't do as much damage as a DPS-spec commando. They can get close, though, but it takes a lot more work to put out high damage numbers as a vanguard than a commando.

Commando is at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to healing classes, and 1.2 won't make life any better for them. So, the best role for a commando right now is pure DPS. A vanguard makes an excellent tank if you're specced for it, but you won't really be dishing out much damage as a tank-spec.

It basically comes down to what kind of class you want to play. Do you want to be a DPS/tank or a DPS/healer?

Based on the builds you posted, you'd go healer as a commando and tank as a vanguard.

A commando healer drops pretty quickly and can't take much damage. They also don't deal much damage. If you really want to play as a commando healer, I'd suggest speccing as DPS as you level, and then respeccing to healer once you hit 50. This will make leveling faster, as you'll be able to kill things faster. Just don't be surprised if a group decides to take a sage or scoundrel as their healer instead of you, as they're substantially better at healing.

Your vanguard build looks good, though I'd probably shift some points around (Energy Blast is worthless, and Defensive Measures is only good for PvP.) You'll be able to take a good amount of damage with that build, but you won't be dealing much damage as a result. Like the commando, I'd recommend speccing as DPS until level 50, where you'd respec to tank. Bear in mind that vanguards are *extremely* gear dependent. If you don't have great gear, you won't be invited to many Ops at the endgame. If that's not a problem for you, then that's fine. Also, it should be mentioned that the tank spec of the vanguard does extremely well in warzones (as long as you remember to always use your Guard skill and your Taunt skills.)

User Info: TheWarhammeronl

5 years ago#6
Roll Commando if you want to faceroll in PVP.

Grav Round Grav Round Grav round.
Throw in a demo shot every once and awhile.

And don't even tell me "LOL I CAN INTERRUPT YOU ARE NOTHING"

I will just use one of my other 5 abilities.

Or one of my two CCs.

What now?
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User Info: Theshamen

5 years ago#7
They are both completely different, seeing as how you said you never played a healer I'd so go commando

You also get the "cooler" auto cannon as opposed to the lame blaster rifle.

Srsly why does the tanky brute force guy get the smaller weapon and the guy with the name commando get the huge weapon?
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