MAC Support for SWTOR

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User Info: iceman_sith

8 years ago#1

SWTOR has been annouced as a game for windows, PC game. I am a PC gamer however I am also a big fan of macs. Many of the people who are MAC users have been attempting to set up a sort of petition campaining for MAC support for SWTOR. If the SWTOR fans in the gamespot community could show their support it could help to make this happen.

above is the link to their support thread, please check it out and show your support. I would also love to hear some comments on this situation, however lets not turn this thread into a MAC vs Windows there is no reason it is a different issue.

User Info: zaidal8

8 years ago#2
lol macs..for half the price you can buy a 10X better PC. Your fault you guys bought the lower end of the stick.
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User Info: goss44k

8 years ago#3
Ask Justin Long
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User Info: Hollaback77

8 years ago#4

I'm sure at some point ToR will be made available for macs.

Personally I feel it's a mistake buying a mac and trying to game on it. Like the above poster said you can build a better PC for half the price and also have the power to customize your PC to fit your needs exactly.

Macs are for the trendy folk, gamers should stick to PCs.

User Info: Thomas16371

8 years ago#5
but then you have to deal with Windows.
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User Info: yunaslover13

8 years ago#6
^ lol
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User Info: bobbyrk

8 years ago#7
but then you have to deal with Windows.

Because Macs never fail and have a much better operating system... *rolls eyes*

Any way, as to Mac support, it is possible, but unlikely. As it is, most (non-console) gamers play on PC's, using Windows, and that's where most of the money is for PC game developers.
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User Info: Thomas16371

8 years ago#8
I'm not saying that OS X is godly.

I will tell you however from my point of view that after a long day of fixing Windows-based machines, the last thing I want to do when I get home is work on my own computer.

I use a Mac at home cause it's simplified computing.

I don't have to worry about IE vulnerabilities or as many viruses which is alright by me. Sure, there aren't as many attacks on the Macintosh because either (A) it's OS is more secure or (B) has a smaller user base. (C) Macs are 10X more expensive than a Windows machine. You know why that is, cause companies like Dell or HP put cheap hardware in their computers. Why do you think you can get a *NEW* desktop for $499? The only real way to have a quality gaming PC is to build your own.Take you pick at which one you want to come back at me with I'm just fine with boot camp
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User Info: bobbyrk

8 years ago#9
I'm not going to attack you, calm down.

But I will say this. It takes an idiot to screw up their operating system. I haven't had a virus in years simply because I'm not an idiot and know what not to download. And it's getting even harder to screw up Windows with W7. Sure, IE8 has it's security issues, but who (besides idiots and some schools) still uses IE at all?

And yeah, the best (and cheapest) way to get a good gaming computer is to build it yourself. Like my own computer I built a couple of years ago. It's a little out of date now, but it still manages to play most of the games that I want to play pretty well.
Yoda of Borg are we: Futile is resistance. Assimilate you, we will.

User Info: Thomas16371

8 years ago#10
Well I'm glad we're on the same page.

without a doubt gaming should be done on a Windows machine. For everything else, I'll personally use a mac.
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