Revan and the Exile

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User Info: RPG_Apostle

5 years ago#1
I'm not going in to what canonically happened, in the novel and in the game. Suffice to say, some... Well, most people aren't happy.

So... What would YOU have done?

I'm wondering how long until the first "How about not ****ting all over two of the best characters in the lore?!"

WARNING: This will likely have a ****ton of spoilers.
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User Info: God_of_Gore

5 years ago#2
I would have made it so they were the most epic mary sues ever written.

Oh Wait....

EDIT: Should probably mention that I never liked either character all that much to begin with.
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User Info: BiggyDoug9

5 years ago#3
At least what happened to them gets mentioned. They are just characters in an even bigger story. Revan takes a more personal feel for a lot of gamers who loved KOTOR (myself included). KOTOR 2 had too many bugs for me to feel bad the way she died. I think the novel Revan only set up the Jedi Knight's story however; I would have preferred a more global story for the other class character.

User Info: Cloud_6671

5 years ago#4

I don't mind what happened. I just disliked Scourge's whole reasoning for stabbing them in the back. Oh... I see a vision of another champion of the light killing him!

And I've heard they did some changes to Revan in the game now? Apparently you don't kill him, he teleports away or something. I'm hoping they have some sort of reasoning as to why he can be taken down by a team of chumps considering he was matching the Emperor for a while

User Info: DaRevolution

5 years ago#5
The whole point is that in this game your character is the new Revan level character. So instead of 4 chumps it's 4 baby Revan's taking down Poppa Revan. And not to spoil anything but you might not be happy with the Emperor's fate either.
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User Info: Xenophon1

5 years ago#6
I would've killed him off somehow and left it at that. I certainly wouldn't have put him in stasis for years.

I enjoyed the KOTOR story line for Revan. Everything beyond that (book/TOR) I don't care for.

Why does Revan get to keep one foot in the Jedi Order and one out? Why can he swing dark and light and not be expelled? He's allowed to be married as long as he doesn't preach his views of the Force? Ugh. I guess it's too bad Anakin didn't go to the archives and look up Revan's history - maybe he could've married Padme (without having to hide it), had kids, and lived happily ever after. He wouldn't have had to worry about fear, anger and all that stuff that they spent 6 movies talking about leading to the dark side - he could have had the best of both worlds.

Yea, I'm definitely not a Revan storyline fan. :-)

User Info: voidarthas

5 years ago#7

if you play the sith warrior you get a letter from the emperor at end game... apparently he pulled a darth sidius and jumped into someone elses body.... i personally thought the whole body jumping thing was kinda lame.

and they changed the Revan fight in the last few beta builds. so instead of him dying and leaving a nice body for you, he bubbles and hearths before his HP hits 0...

im hoping for a operation that lets you take down revan while his is doing his purple and red lightsaber combo!
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User Info: AnubisXy

5 years ago#8




I would have had Revan and the Exile kill the Emperor and wreck up the Empire a bit. They would have gone back home and had a happily ever after. Then the Emperor would have come back into one of his children and spent the next 3 centuries fixing up the damage that Revan and the Exile, taking down the Sith Lords who tried to rebel during his absence, etc, before launching his attack against the Republic.

The problem is, the Emperor isn't that big of a deal anyway - he dies during the course of the Old Republic in the JK's storyline. Why bother building up a character like that, by having him defeat Revan and the Exile and making KotOR fans very upset, if he's just going to get jacked during the "vanilla" content for the game, and during a class storyline no less? What the heck is the point of that?



User Info: Lordfrostwolf

5 years ago#9
Malgus, Revan and The Emperor don't live up to thier hype

Meetra and T3's death's seem so pointless in the scheme of things

HK is offed after barely being with his master?
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User Info: Chainer323

5 years ago#10

but does the jedi grandmaster even realize she's related to revan? that might be relavent at somepoint later on down the line

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