How have you altered swtor's default key bindings?

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  3. How have you altered swtor's default key bindings?

User Info: Bartz_Fox

5 years ago#1

Me, I'm a little weird. I don't like activating abilities using the keyboard. Luckily I use a gaming mouse, so I was able to map my most-used abilities to my two extra mouse buttons and mouse wheel click. I mapped the mouse wheel's scroll up/down to switch the current ability page, so now I have 4 pages with 3 abilities each that can be used with the mouse alone! :D

Less-important stuff I just click; so far these are just buffs and highly situational abilities anyway so it's no great loss.

Anyway, how do you like to play swtor?

User Info: P00DGE

5 years ago#2
I use Q,2,E,R,F, and C for my abilities. I use shift + one of those 6 buttons for more skills placed in the bottom center skillbar. I use shift + mouse wheel to go to my second set of skills.

I is my skills tab
O is my guild tab
P is my friends tab
L is my mission log
N is my character sheet
K is my crew skills
J is my abilities tab

- on the keypad is my ammunition reload button
+ is mapped out to whichever health consumable I have placed on my right hotbar
Ins is my hp+ammo regen ability out of combat.
Shift + Space is target next enemy
TAB shows me all the people in my instance/planet
~ is my options tab
1, 3 and 4 select different types of cells I use (Plasma, Ion and Elemental)

I think that about covers it. Most everything else I completely unmapped or left alone, but I did change roughly 90% of my overall default controls.

User Info: Reverb26

5 years ago#3
how do I bind my abilities to my mouse?
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  3. How have you altered swtor's default key bindings?

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