Nar Shaddaa: Bonus Series?

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User Info: Dnias

5 years ago#1
Anyone know where it is? I don't remember seeing anything on my way out. I'm Republic if it matters.
The End

User Info: steker16

5 years ago#2
it given to you on the fleet if i remember correctly

User Info: Poifection

5 years ago#3
It's higher level. You get the intro quest on the fleet in one of the wings. That's all I can remember
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
5 years ago#4
For Empire it was in the spaceport, not sure about Republic, but they were also 29+ quests so you might just not be high enough yet.
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User Info: kpsting

5 years ago#5

I got a lvl31 quest from one of my companions that lead to Nar Shaddaa's lvl31+ questing area

User Info: Dnias

5 years ago#6
I see, so that's why. Thanks for the help.
The End
Yeah, I'm Empire, and I didn't get it on the way out. I actually went back there to check and got it at the space port.
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