Playing the free trial right now. Lag spikes?

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  3. Playing the free trial right now. Lag spikes?

User Info: TheNeckbeard

5 years ago#1
I'm actually really enjoying myself at this point but I'm having frequent lag spikes I'll be walking or in combat and then everything just stops responding or it will be like i'm running in place or against an invisible wall. Then 5 or 10 seconds later it will go again for a bit.

I'm also playing the Tera free trial and I'm not having this issue at all in that game.

I have a pretty good PC and Cable Broadband. So it not like this game is too much for my PC, the game itself when it's running between lag spikes plays very smoothly

But these spikes are highly annoying. Is this common?

User Info: Katsuragisama

5 years ago#2
It's been like that since they did server merges. More mergers are coming as well so they can get people off of dead servers. If BioWare's smart they will merge the 3 remaining APAC servers in to one, alot of people are already asking for APAC's to be merged. Not sure what server you play on, so thats another to consider.

Dont bother asking BioWare about it or anything. They will ask you for a lot of diagnostic stuff trying to point the blame at your computer or ISP, give you the run around, when they know damn well their infrastructure is just crappy.

User Info: SoulTrapper

5 years ago#3
Loads of people have been having these issues.
It's mostly due to the terrible engine this game runs on.

Try using the search function for "lag" on this board, you'll find plenty examples or you might even find a fix if it's not the engine in this case.
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User Info: Mr_Heffel

5 years ago#4
I played the game fine, and had lag spikes this past weekend right after the new patch. As of now, it's not too bad, but to be quite honest, I'd blame it on the patch (for prior to the patch I played the game just fine). Granted I play on a laptop, so if that's an important variable, the info's out there.

User Info: MariaMyStar

5 years ago#5
I had the same issue recently, before it was only in WZs I'd get crazy server lag but it started hitting me in the open world after the last patch too. I also run it on a laptop but I'm sure that's not it, same comp since release and only now is the lag killing it.
Matthew good night.
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User Info: coup_detat

5 years ago#6
My ping is over 300 but no lag ever... Need to switch server soon...

Then again I'm running fibre so...

User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
5 years ago#7
I logged on today and I'm getting it constantly, first time it's happened for me. Can't check forums cause they're down for maintenance.
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