HK-51 guide

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User Info: Azarath314

5 years ago#1

thank dulfy for the guide

User Info: Oh_Boy_

5 years ago#2
really, all that for a pet?

User Info: TaafeMJ

5 years ago#3
And apparently not even one you can use pre-50.

User Info: Azarath314

5 years ago#4
yeah it is a lot of work for a companion hopefully it will be worth it since it is a HK series droid. If memory serves it was supposed to be easier for your other characters to get him after you unlocked him the first time, so I am wondering if the two BOL parts are not consumed while putting him together.

User Info: BizzyBum

5 years ago#5
some people have wayyyy too much time on their hands
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User Info: Azarath314

5 years ago#6
It doesn't seem that bad considering the last mmo I played, which was Pre-CU SWG.

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