Im gonna play pve with a friend who is a sith marauder. class recommendations?

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  3. Im gonna play pve with a friend who is a sith marauder. class recommendations?

User Info: po_0l

4 years ago#1
im just starting up the game. Sith marauder is the melee dps class right? which class would complement well with it? preferably a class thats not too shabby solo but not a priority.

User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
4 years ago#2
I would imagine that this would probably be pretty flexible. I mean, say you're both going to be doing most of your quests in a group together. Occasionally you might call out for 2 more if you're tackling a "heroic 4" mission, but aside from that you'll almost always have the two of you and whichever companions you each take with you. Different classes get different companions at different points in their stories, but in the long run everyone has basically the same companion options by the end (melee dps, ranged dps, melee tank, ranged tank, healer) and you'll be able to mix and match to fill out your party however you need to.

I guess the "ideal" group combination (what you end up in when queueing for flashpoints with group finder, anyway) is 1 healer, 1 tank, and 2 dps. You shouldn't have to worry about this too much early in the game but eventually you may reach a point where the enemies will really start pounding you if you don't have a good support system.

I have a Marauder (my only level 50 so far, the rest are all 25 or lower (I've only been playing for a couple months)). My healer companion was the second one I got, and I've pretty much only used that one since I got him. He keeps me alive while I kill things. A tank companion could work as a meat shield to soak up all of the damage and then I wouldn't be in danger until the tank dies, but I prefer having the healer around. Having a party with both a tank and a healer is great though, because then you've got the meat shield keeping the enemies from attacking the rest of the party and you've got the healer canceling out the damage that is received by anyone in the party.
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User Info: Pteran

4 years ago#3
If you plan to start from the very beginning together, you may want to try Inquisitor. From there decide if you want to heal or tank (you can be DPS as well, but for easier queues it helps to have at least one of the others).

Sorcerer - You can make an excellent healer or DPS (Madness is still the go to DPS I believe).
Assassin - You are a great tank, and an alright DPS (I haven't played in 2+ months, so I'm unaware of any changes/buffs made in that time). You've got stealth, but since you're grouped you won't be able to sneak past stuff like you would solo.

One perk of an Inquisitor is you get a tank comp right away (your friend starts with ranged DPS). A tank companion isn't going to be as effective as a player, but they get the job done.

Just for an example, assuming you go Sorc healer, your group composition would be 2 DPS (your friend and Vette), you as a healer, and Khem Val for the tank. Once he gets Quinn, you could switch to DPS and let his comp heal (it won't be as effective as yours, but you likely won't need intense heals except for heroic 4's).

If you don't mind starting on separate planets, you could look at the Imperial Agent or Bounty Hunter. Agents can become an Operative (Healer or melee DPS, plus stealth) or a Sniper (pure ranged DPS). They also start with a tank companion, Kaliyo. Bounty Hunters can be Mercenaries (healer or ranged DPS) or go Powertech (tank or melee DPS). Their first companion is a healer, Mako.

Just figure out what style you like and go from there. Companions are interchangeable (though you'd need to keep more than your main one geared) depending on the role you want to play at the time.
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User Info: TaafeMJ

4 years ago#4
You could go Agent/Operative too (You as healer, Kaliyo as tank), or Bounty Hunter (Mako heals, you tank as a Powertech)
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  3. Im gonna play pve with a friend who is a sith marauder. class recommendations?

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