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4 years ago#11
GeminiX7 posted...
LightHawKnight posted...
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NS_Sonic204 posted...
So I just downloaded this game for the first time and I'm trying to make a character. I have tried literally hundreds of names. Roman goddesses, video game characters, regular names, even misspellings and rewordings and they all say they're unavailable.

What do I do? Even the randomly generated names don't work. I've tried dozens.

Here's what you do: Stop trying to use names created by others. Roman goddesses, video game characters, regular names, even misspellings and rewordings. Someone has thought of them before and if you remember them it's a safe bet that someone else equally lazy and/or uncreative also remembered them. Think of your own names and use them, unless your personality is incredibly bland you'll be able to pull something out of your head that hasn't been thought of before. I have 9 characters on my server and didn't have a single issue with names on my characters.

Some people actually want names that sound like names, not totally random things thrown together to make something odd. It is not bland to actually want a name that sounds like a name.

There are tons of great names that aren't Ichigo/Athena/Naruto/Johnny. It's called creativity. Look up name meanings, look at common names around the world, go for more obscure names, choose a theme and work around that, idk. I've almost never had a problem making names for MMOs and I usually have a metric **** ton of alts. My mainstays are always:

For Males:

Isko/Isko von Aalto (if they allow spaces)
Isaac/Isaac Clarke
Myztral(means "an ominous wind) - typically for Rogue/Thief/Assassin style characters

For Females
Renza/Renza Malboro (female version of my favorite architect) - my go to name for female characters

You call those creative?! HAH Those stuff are easily taken names and or names that don't make much sense as names.
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