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User Info: TherumancerX

8 years ago#1
How long did it take people to get their VIP access from Gamestop/Marvel. I pre-ordered the game a while ago, got my special cardboard chit with the address, entered my receipt number and everything else and STILL haven't gotten anything back from them.

If anyone has a spare code, I'd appeciate it ( BUT, despite how that sounds I'd vastly prefer to be able to get my own VIP invite, so I'm wondering if anyone has had any problems? I've been at it for a while which is why I haven't been seriously pursueing getting one her, I've probably sent in like 20 requests by now.

User Info: Monitor

8 years ago#2
I had to contact Gamestop's customer support. I included my receipt # in the email, and explained I still had not received my VIP code.

It took around 3-5 business days, and I was sent a VIP code. I had to keep an eye out for it, as it was in my SPAM folder.

User Info: hellslinger

8 years ago#3
I pre-ordered online and got it two days after that.
XBL Gamertag: MistyMayFan12
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User Info: TherumancerX

8 years ago#4
Thanks Monitor I guess I'll try that.

User Info: Gambit1024

8 years ago#5
On the MUA2 website under the VIP menu it says to click the link if you hadn't recieved the VIP code to follow the steps. I got mine like a day after I did it.

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

8 years ago#6

i had no problems with mine but a lot of people seem to be having problems recently.

User Info: TherumancerX

8 years ago#7
Hmmm well I tried the MUA2 site and the "problems" clicky just sent me to the gamestop registration page, and it says I've already registered under my E-mail address.

I guess I'll give it yet another day and then see about contacting Gamestop's customer service.

User Info: CaptainSkulls

8 years ago#8

I got my code about a half hour after I put in my info.

User Info: CalistoCoon

8 years ago#9
I still have not got mine and when I called Gamestop they said they will give it to me when I pick up my copy.

Since I preordered the game several months ago, I didn't keep the receipt.

User Info: TherumancerX

8 years ago#10
I have my receipt so there shouldn't be any problems on that account. Right now my information is apparently in their system (since it said my E-mail address was used when I just tried again) which is why I am giving them until tomorrow.

Truthfully I wouldn't care that much but it seems like they are now offering some kind of in-game benefits (costumes) for VIP members who actually show up, so I am interested in checking this out.

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