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User Info: kindalikeapolki

7 years ago#1
My gf went to pick this game up today at Toys R Us and she brought the ad with her. In the ad, there's a pic of MUA 2 for Wii, and above in fine print, it says "For All Systems." She took this as "MUA 2 is 49.99 for all systems" so she showed the lady the ad, who in-turn showed the other guy working there, who BOTH agreed it was a typo and said she was the first to "catch" this "typo" today and so they honored it and sold her the game for 49.99. In other words, the ad just meant that MUA2 is for EVERY SYSTEM. And for that I LOL at Toys R Us and my gf...

User Info: GOLD_sonic

7 years ago#2
Not everyone should know what that means if they aren't gamers, but I think the EMPLOYEES should know what it means... ****ing idiots for hire! >_>
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User Info: ccefranchise

7 years ago#3
First thing I thought when I saw the ad on Sunday. I also knew they would honor it because it does look like a mistake on their part. Most ads like best buy or wal-mart may show one pic and say "all systems" but they will list separate prices. Not a TRU employee's fault, it is the fault of the people who made the ads.
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User Info: kindalikeapolki

7 years ago#4
But if you look, surrounding the pic of MUA 2 for Wii, are other games with other fine print above them such as WET for Xbox 360--above it it reads "Also for PS3." So if you just looked at it you would understand that it means the game is available for all systems, not the same price for all systems.

User Info: ShadowElite86

7 years ago#5
I had the ad with me when I went to Wal-Mart to pick this game up, but I forgot to show it to them. Not really a big deal anyways, seeing as how I only paid $20 for it.

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