New avengers?

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User Info: Snakeeyez521

8 years ago#1
Who are they? I hve to use them for Luke cages boost

User Info: ElPapiChris

8 years ago#2
Go to =)
360 GT/PSN ID: RyuXen
AIM: GhettoLife41

User Info: attakdog

7 years ago#3

I've picked Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Wolverine for this team but it wont let me pick Luke Cage. It keeps saying "Unavailable", why is this???

I need to lead this team with Cage to get the Heroic Deed for Cage. Any help guys???

User Info: RViZion

7 years ago#4
He'll be available later on in the game. I think during the Chem. plant mission, he's not available.

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