MUA 3 being made?

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User Info: mxwp

7 years ago#1
Has Ultimate Alliance 3 been confirmed? I have not seen anything online yet.
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User Info: 4everbuffy

7 years ago#2
not gonna happen after the fail of MUA2.

User Info: TheGreatFiGHtME

7 years ago#3
UA2 wasn't a failure; I resent that comment. I absolutely hate Activision, but they made a pretty decent game.
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User Info: mxwp

7 years ago#4
not gonna happen after the fail of MUA2.

In terms of being a great game, then yes, I agree. I thought the second was not as good as the first MUA. But in terms of sales, didn't it do okay? In any case, I still hope they make a third and hopefully it is more like the first MUA rather than the second.
"six of one and half a dozen others"

User Info: 4everbuffy

7 years ago#5
^Yes, if they had followed the MUA1 formula then this game could have been a success.

MUA1 its better then MUA2 in some many ways. Also did better on sales.

User Info: rb240tuner

7 years ago#6
I know what I didn't like about MUA2 and that was the storyline. It didn't follow the actual story at all. I was looking forward to playing the Superhero Civil War on a video game.
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User Info: Lastjustice

7 years ago#7
Actually I think ultimate alliance two was a better game than one. One just seemed like it was just trying too hard to cram everything it possibly could whether really made alot of sense of not. The game was reached a point was kind of bloated , aimless, and ultimately too drawn out for my taste as I just wanted it to end by time I was nearing the final act.(Xmen legends 2 had the same problem for me.) 2 had alot more focus and the game was a better length.(and you can replay sections at will without having go thru the entire game for anything you missed.) 1 reached a length that I had little interest in playing more than once and too many useless powers. Sure it had less characters but 1 had too many redundant and all too simliar characters so wasn't much of a loss.

I much prefer the games take on civil war to marvels as the game never forgets both sides are heroes and tries not too demonize the pro side remotely as much as the comics did. The resolution makes alot more sense than the comics.

There's good things about both, and I feel they did need shake up the series a bit as a carbon copy(I know some people really wanted that, which seems happen alot in games.) of the first ultimate alliance would gotten really stale. I enjoy both games aspects as there's definitely things to steal from both teams directions in making an overall better product if they take another shot at it.
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User Info: silvermaverick

7 years ago#8
^^ Well put. I agree with you on many points. I'm actually in the midst of replaying MUA1 right now, and you're right- it's like a who's who of the Marvel Universe and it seems that they just threw every character they could in there in the hopes that the consumer would be utterly blown away.

I think the roster was a good representation of the MU though, and prefer it over the the X-heavy sequel. I mean I understand that EVERY Marvel game is going to have Wolverine and Storm, but why do we also need Gambit? And Iceman? And for DLC: Psylocke, Cable, Magneto? To me those were wasted character slots that could have been utilized for someone new and different. Hell, DLC only had ONE character that we haven't already played before (If you count Cable's appearance in PSP's XML2).

To make matters worse, in MUA2 you SAW all the various characters that you could have played like Justice, Firestar, Wonder Man, Cloak & Dagger etc. but you couldn't play them. If they make a MUA3 then PLEASE limit the X-roster to the obligatory Storm and Wolverine and maybe ONE other X-man. I would LOVE to see them tap the secondary and tertiary characters available and make them fun and exciting to play as, like they did with Songbird and Moon Knight.


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User Info: Lastjustice

7 years ago#9
Yeah I agree they could dial down their love of the Xmen a bit. Even with the DLC content/next gen exclusives for Ultimate alliance 1, half the characters were Xmen too. I get that's where the series started as Xmen legends 1 and 2 as which 2 started the idea for a massive cross over game with Deadpool and Ironman being in it. They likely just said hey lets make this an all marvel game instead of Xmen legends 3.

Granted I can see why many of the xmen characters have more unique power sets to play as than some of the characters. Say Wonderman would be generic brick #23.(if they uses his ionic form may be they'd get some variety in his powers.) Between the hulk , the Thing,Juggernaut and Luke Cage they don't need any more super strong/ highly durable characters.

I would like seen a few others, but I think they intentionally held back characters because they probably wanted to milk us a bit more on the DLC but it wasn't as popular as they hoped so they dropped that idea.(why else would you make trailers for individual characters coming out.) I'm willing bet if this game was printing money as they hope we'd probably saw the roster double before they were done. I blame greed on that as you just get the vibe they were holding back on purpose. Might have been where they got the backlash as the game with the DLC roster is probably where the game should have started characterwise not ended.
Never made it as a wise man, couldnt cut it as a poor man stealing. -Nickelback

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

7 years ago#10
I think this series is probably done for a while. The original game launched when big budget super hero movies were hitting the theaters a couple times a year, and the newer systems were so hard up for software anything decent sold like crazy. When the sequel arrived, there hadn't been a good Marvel movie since the first Iron Man, which was a year and a half old at that point. Combine that with a market saturated by big competitors (Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands, Uncharted 2, and so on), and someone has to come out on the losing end. I bet the same fate will befall Dead Rising 2 for the same reasons.
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