seems all the new pet forms are completely useless...

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  3. seems all the new pet forms are completely useless...

User Info: ZeroJinKui

9 years ago#1
i havent seen a single new form you can give your pet without it being weaker than its normal form, or just too damn slow to be useful in the least...

i turned it into a roach king, wow... just.. so slow... and who wants a snail following them around?

the scorpfeline is probably the best out of them all, and even it isnt very quick at all... the roach king seems to be running at all times, but it moves at a snail's pace, or maybe slower...

i see that we can turn them into an ice wolf as well, i thought it might be cool until i saw how pathetic the stat changes were, it'd just end up even weaker than its normal form..

were they even THINKING when adding these new magic fish? also, why do all the different sizes of a single fish, come with different appearances? it doesnt do that with the old fish... though some old fish come with new transformations for your pet, like the lemonfish making it a shrike and goldfish turning it into abomination..

i just cant find anything half decent, it looks like i may just have to go with the flawless clownfish and use a venomous wyvern again, boring, but its the best monster-pet available...
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User Info: GroundJordan

9 years ago#2
i hope no one with an actual dog tries to feed it when fish. Because it will kill the dog.
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User Info: legendmaster199

9 years ago#3
All of my experiences have taught me that a scorpfeline is the best creature to turn into, if you transform, you'll find that all the other forms will just weaken your pet.....I always have my pet as a scorpfeline then I summon 6 firedrakes as back up on the really hard bosses...its foolproof...
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8 years ago#4
Pets are basically cannon fodder to begin with so's like hanging a new chandelier in a haunted house.
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User Info: DuneMan

8 years ago#5
In the first game it seemed to me that a Venomous Wyvern was the best form to use, with a Brainbeast being an honorable mention. How does this Scorpfeline compare to those forms?
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User Info: Kalirion

8 years ago#6
scorpfeline is a tank. At level one it will do over 100 damage, and take plenty of abuse. It's the only way my characters can do Level 1 quests without tons of health potions or poking the Level 8 frost druids with a Short Bow (1-5 damage).

Later on when you can easily hold your own, you get tired of waiting for the pet to catch up, and the Brain Beast becomes better for the status ailments (even if it does need constant healing).

By the way, the prices for the new fish are all messed up. The flawless versions are the cheapest! You can get a flawless scorpfeline for $500 in town, which makes early game extremely easy.
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User Info: DuneMan

8 years ago#7
Thanks for the response! ^_^

But I must say that I don't find it too surprising to see 'interesting' things like the screwy fish prices. It seems to me that most games which aren't AAA titles that get expansions introduce some new mistakes and glitches into the game.
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  3. seems all the new pet forms are completely useless...

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