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User Info: wgobla

9 years ago#1

I've tried four times to get the jet pack to work. I printed the instructions, have gone outside, did what the instructions said to do, think I have done everything else right, but it still blows up every time. Is there a special place outside you have to go?What am I doing wrong. Help!

User Info: Purplejacks

9 years ago#2
where did u find the jet pack stuff

User Info: FallEnd

9 years ago#3
okay, let's try this :
- have you print the instructions (4 plates total) using the correct ink color ? also, print them using the same paper :D
- i activate the jetpack just outside the castle's door (exit from the main hall). move to the south a little bit.
- from the FAQ : when you set the level to halfway point, you should click the lever, hold and drag it. do not click the "halfway point" directly
- from my own experience : there are two instructions that instruct you to spin the color dial to a proper place. both of them instruct you to point the dial to the upward triangle of a DIFFERENT color. point the dial to a proper COLORED-triangle. probably you pointed the second color dial a wrong way (you don't want to point it upward). check it

hope this helps


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