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User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#1
This topic was made to help people find and get items and Gallery unlockables. Also, to collect info to put in my Item FAQ.

1. Items
2. Gallery
3. Using Wifi
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Special Thanks

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User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#2
1. Items
In this game there are 247 items that can be collected. Some of them are collected through playing certain missions, while others are weapons made by the Blacksmith. Once an item is collected, its entry is added to the Treasury. Here is an entire list of all the items.

1. Steel Longsword
2. Cursed Longsword
3. Rusty Longsword
4. Bronze Longsword
5. Katana
6. Cursed Dagger
7. Rusty Dagger
8. Bronze Dagger
9. Steel Dagger
10. Cursed Rapier
11. Rusty Rapier
12. Bronze Rapier
13. Steel Rapier
14. Cursed Spear
15. Rusty Spear
16. Bronze Spear
17. Steel Spear
18. Cursed Axe
19. Rusty Axe
20. Bronze Axe
21. Steel Axe
22. Steel Gauntlet
23. Cursed Gauntlet
24. Rusty Gauntlet
25. Bronze Gauntlet
26. Cursed Helmet
27. Rusty Helmet
28. Bronze Helmet
29. Steel Helmet
30. Samurai Helmet
31. String of Pearls
32. Mermaid’s Tear
33. Pendant of Eons
34. Chain Bracelet
35. Thorn Anklet
36. Flower Amulet
37. Wooden Belt
38. Bright Red Ribbon
39. Expensive Broach
40. Rabbit’s Tail
41. Poison Broach
42. Stone Broach
43. Ice Broach
44. Cure-all Broach
45. Healing Potion
46. Healing Draught
47. Antidote
48. Superior Antidote
49. Paralysis Cure
50. Paralysis Immunity
51. Stone Protection
52. Petrification Immunity
53. Vial of Calm
54. Philter of Tranquility
55. Fiery Quaff
56. Hot Fiery Quaff
57. Herb of Toughness
58. Herb of Strength
59. Arthur’s Legend 1
60. Arthur’s Legend 2
61. Arthur’s Legend 3
62. Arthur’s Legend 4
63. Arthur’s Legend 5
64. Tome of Arms
65. Tome of Armor
66. Tome of Medicines
67. Tome of Amulets
68. Tome of Games
69. Tome of Jewels
70. Tome of Minerals
71. Tome of Plants
72. Tome of Feasts
73. Tome of Rings
74. Encyclopedia Arcana
75. Yellow Ring
76. Green Ring
77. Red Ring
78. Blue Ring
79. Aqua Ring
80. White Ring
81. Purple Ring
82. Poison Ring
83. Doughnut
84. Onion Ring
85. Carnation
86. Violet
87. Daffodil
88. Sweetpea
89. Lily
90. Rose
91. Larkspur
92. Gladiolus
93. Morning Glory
94. Marigold
95. Daisy
96. Narcissus
97. Herb
98. Garnet
99. Amethyst
100. Aquamarine
101. Diamond
102. Emerald
103. Moonstone
104. Ruby
105. Peridot
106. Sapphire
107. Opal
108. Topaz
109. Turquoise
110. Pawn
111. Rook
112. King
113. Queen
114. Bishop
115. Knight
116. Ace of Spades
117. Ace of Clubs
118. Ace of Hearts
119. Ace of Diamonds
120. Joker
121. Medal of Sonic
122. Medal of Gawain
123. Medal of Lancelot
124. Medal of Percival
125. Dart
126. Dartboard
127. Die
128. Big the Cat Mask
129. Building Block
130. Fishing Pole
131. Doll
132. Stone
133. Lump of Iron
134. Lump of Bronze
135. Aluminum Ore
136. Skipping Stone
137. Rock Salt
138. Beautiful Crystal
139. Ice Crystal
140. Lava Jewel
141. Flintstone
142. Mintstone
143. Gold Ingot
144. Quasi-Magic Stone
145. Mithril
146. Hardtack
147. Burnt Bread
148. Moonrock
149. Wavestone
150. Dragon-Eye Stone

User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#3
151. Orihalcum
152. Moist Cookie
153. Tart
154. Fresh Milk
155. Spongy Bread
156. Aromatic Tea
157. Chilidog
158. Herb of Calm
159. Lollipop
160. Ham
161. Flag
162. Ballista Arrowhead
163. Raven's Feather
164. Mouse Tail
165. Oar
166. Lantern
167. Broken Trap
168. Egg
169. Cheese
170. Magical Moth Dust
171. Plant Torn
172. Giant Flower Seed
173. Troll's Eyelash
174. Broken Lock
175. Rabbit Fur
176. Lizard Tail
177. Prison Key
178. Iron Shackle
179. Highland Mushroom
180. Silk Clothing
181. Silk Shoe
182. Dragon Scale
183. Dragon Claw
184. Dragon’s Fang
185. Shovel
186. Pickaxe
187. Wheelbarrow
188. Bat’s Fang
189. Broken Brick
190. Soft-Boiled Egg
191. Lithograph
192. Letter
193. Clarent
194. Arondight
195. Rubious
196. Morglay
197. Gastiga
198. Secace
199. Altachiara
200. Durendal
201. Aduro Cutlass
202. Aduro Khopesh
203. Precieuse
204. Espadon
205. Ddraig Goch
206. Galatine
207. Battleaxe
208. Labrys
209. Hauteclaire
210. Gringolet
211. Balmung
212. Sanglamore
213. Chrysaor
214. Almace
215. Caledfwich
216. Flaming Kopis
217. Flamberge
218. Laevatein
219. Corrougue
220. Colada
221. Ktuga
222. Brinnig
223. Solais Rapier
224. Claiohm Solais
225. Fragarach
226. Curtana
227. Ignis Fleuret
228. Glorious
229. Joyeuse
230. Mastery Star
231. Music Notes
232. Map
233. Knight’s Banner
234. Painting
235. Emblem Component
236. Skill Scroll
237. Knight’s Seal
238. Deadly Swordsman
239. Windblade
240. Destroyer
241. Quickblade
242. Blade without Equal
243. Despised One
244. Chicken
245. Weakling
246. Coward
247. Ruffian

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User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#4
2. Gallery
The gallery is a place where you can look at Artwork, movies, and awards. You can also
listen to music from different areas of the game. Most entries are unlocked by clearing Adventure Mode and getting 5 Stars in certain missions. Here are the vaults located in the Gallery.

Vault 1: Developer Data
Artwork of the characters, enemies, and levels.

Vault 2: Movies
Scenes that took place in Adventure Mode.

Vault 3: Movies
Scenes that took place in Adventure Mode.

Vault 4: Movies
These give hints for certain levels. There are also movies that show the artwork of the winners of the Fan Art Contest for the game.

Vault 5: Book
These show character profiles and tell parts of the Legend of King Arthur.

Vault 6: Background Music
Listen to music from levels.

Vault 7: Flags
These show that you've mastered certain parts of the game.

Vault 8: Character Voices
Listen to what characters say in Adventure and Battle Mode.

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User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#5
3. Using Wifi
If you have someone's FC and they have your FC, you'll be able to send items to them by using Wifi. Sometimes this is easier than searching in the levels.

1. Go to the Treasury and press the A Button to make the item caption appear.

2. Press 2 to select the item to send.

3. Check for the person's name on your Friend List.
Note: If you don't see their name or it shows ??? next to the FC, check to see if they have your FC or if you put the wrong one in.

4. Press A and wait for the message to say Item was sent.

Go the Treasury and press 1. All items that were sent to you will be collected.

Important Note: You can only receive 30 within 3 days.

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User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#6
4. Frequently Asked Questions
Just a few questions I've seen several times.

Q:Where can I find (item name)? How do I unlock Gallery (Vault Number/Name)?
A: First, check my Item FAQ at

If it's not there or there's an error and you can't get to the guide, let me know, and I'll give you answer myself.

Q: What are Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival's Ultimate/final weapon? What do I need to make them?
A: Lancelot's Ultimate/final weapon is called Ddraig Goch. To make it you need 2 Katanas, 2 Orichalcums, 2 Dragon-Eye Stones, and 2 Medals of Lancelot. Gawain's is called Flamberge, which requires 2 Steel Longswords, 2 Samurai Helmets, 2 Lava Jewels, and 2 Medals of Gawain. Finally, Percival's is called Joyeuse and to make it you need 3 Steel Rapiers, 2 Ice Crystals, 2 Wavestones, and 2 Medals of Percival.

Q: Are the Arthur's Legends Books random?
A: That's what I used to believe at first, but now after looking through the videos of my first walkthrough, it seems that they are either exclusive to certain missions or levels. I'm still looking into it.

Q: I'm having trouble getting one of the Titles...
A: Post it and we'll give you suggestions on how to get it.

Q: Can we trade any item?
A: No. Only items collected in missions.

Q: I have items to trade but I need some as well.
A: Cool. I, as well as some other users will be able to help with trades. As long as we have the item requested.

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User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#7
5. Special Thanks
People who contributed in my last topic:
Cha0s C0ntrol,
ZX 513,
and HyperEmerald.

User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#8

Note: If you have an Item Location I don't have in my guide, post it. If you have any Gallery info I don't have in my guide, post its number and what it needs to be unlocked.

Thank you. ;)

User Info: sonictrainer

8 years ago#9

Now to request a sticky...

User Info: Wing35

8 years ago#10
Oh sonictrainer

Is there a FAQ you won't write and then shamelessly plug in every topic on the board
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