Advice for those who are worried about or dealing with controls not registering

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User Info: cotton3434

6 years ago#1
Timing plays a large role in nearly every failed attempt to banish a ghost or whatever, so when you start to notice things failing, just do the motions more slowly and rhythmically and you'll find it helps immensely.

If you take that into account, the more obnoxious issues of the game disappear, and you're left with only the minor annoyance of getting your reticule on screen each time you enter combat, as well as the rare but frustrating times when you have to walk across a plank or something (those just suck, but thankfully there aren't many of them).

Outside of control, you should obviously be aware that your character walks pretty slowly and know that the game's ending is one of those that will leave you thinking, "...That's it?" But those faults aside, and given that you're patient enough to deal with the (realistic) slow running speed (it beats Fatal Frame 4's, at least) and all the climbing you'll be doing, this is an amazing game. Great combat (when you're not doing the motions too fast and thus causing the controls not to register), story (apart from the ending), scenery, music, atmosphere... Pretty much everything about it is great, minus the replay value, of which there unfortunately is none.
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User Info: carlisle58

6 years ago#2
This game IMO is a must buy for those who are a fan of the genre. It was absolutely amazing and atmospheric. The setting, sound, combat and eerie feeling were very unique. Yeah the game does have a few problems, but seriously, every game I have ever played I can find something to complain about. The controls can sometimes become frustrating, however, read the booklet as that explains exactly how to do the motions.

This is a magnificent game and should definitely be picked up if you havent yet. Give it a chance.

User Info: geelw

6 years ago#3
Back when I saw the game at a press event a few months before it launched, I paid VERY close attention to the guy showing the demo off (who also happened to be one of the producers), which helped a lot when my review copy showed up.

I think too many people tend to panic and flail away with the Wiimote instead of reading through the manual or practicing on solo spirits whenever possible. I've played through CM five times since it came out and I rarely have issues with anything other than the occasional camera angle (ah, those boss battles!) and once in a while, dodging multiple ghosts if I get cornered. This is one of those games that's like a good book - you finish it, put it away and come back some time later to enjoy it all over again.

My "ancient" CM review is here, btw:

I'd actually recommend folks who still have issues with the Wiimote to track down the PC version of the game (it's available as a dl only in the US or as a DVD version overseas), as it uses a great keyboard/mouse setup that works better in a few areas. That, and low system requirements means it'll run on a so-so PC with no hassles and the higher resolution of a monitor makes the game look even better than it does on a regular TV. For me, what makes this game so great is it's a mix of PC-style adventure game that happens to have a bit of combat that nearly anyone can master with patience and precision.

As for the gloomy tone, it's brilliant. I'd have to say that Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth eclipses CM in terms of a kicker of an ending, but that was a game where you knew what was going to happen right from the start. Then again, Amnesia: The Dark Descent beats both of these games in terms of scaring you under the couch with the dog and a baseball bat - I really WISH that came out on a console so more folks would play it 0 it's a total freak-out.
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