new wepons in cod 6

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User Info: LINDYFIRE13

8 years ago#1
I was just wondering if anybody thinks there will be new wepons in cod 6

User Info: ayjazz1

8 years ago#2
There is no reason for there not to be.
We'll definitely see a return of staples of modern combat FPSs, such as the m16, the AK, and the Desert Eagle, but there will probably be a slew of new weapons for us to mess around with (and complain about when we find one that is too nooby ;) ).
Live for today, for the past is gone and the future might never come.
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User Info: scythe16

8 years ago#3
lol seriously
It's a dream come true

User Info: engelbert1

8 years ago#4

Pistol: Makarov PM
Submachinegun: AKS-74U
Assault Rifle: AK-74, w/ GL GP30
shotgun: Saiga-12
Machine Gun: RPK-74
Sniper Rifle: Dragunov
Anti-Personnel Explosive: RGO
Anti-Tank Explosive: RPG-7V2
Man-Portable Air-Defence System: Igla


Pistol: QSW-06
Submachinegun: QCW-05
Assault Rifle: QBZ-95, w/ GL GP30
Machine Gun: QBB-95
Sniper Rifle: QBU-88
Anti-Personnel Explosive: WY-91
Anti-Tank Explosive: PF-98
Man-Portable Air-Defence System: Anza


Pistol: M9
Submachinegun: MP5N
Assault Rifle: M4, w/ GL M203
shotgun: M870
Machine Gun: M60
Sniper Rifle: M24
Anti-Personnel Explosive: M67
Anti-Tank Explosive: FGM-148 Javelin
Man-Portable Air-Defence System: FIM-92 Stinger


Pistol: Browning Pistol (L9A1)
Submachinegun: P90 (not really used by british army, just thinking it needs to be here)
Assault Rifle: SA80 (L85A2) , w/ GL L9A1 51 mm Light Mortar
Machine Gun: L7 GPMG
Sniper Rifle: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (L118A1)
Anti-Personnel Explosive: L109A1
Anti-Tank Explosive: MBT LAW
Man-Portable Air-Defence System: Starstreak

no need for sig

User Info: Wilda7

8 years ago#5
No vehicles....
don't turn COD into Battlefield... >_>
"... unless it's a farm!"-Team Fortress 2 Solider (rest in quote)
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User Info: scythe16

8 years ago#6
One of the things I hated about WAW multiplayer.
It's a dream come true

User Info: LINDYFIRE13

8 years ago#7
thanks for the weapons if anybody can think of any more that would be great

User Info: Clouded_Fate

8 years ago#8
just my opinion but i think that an AUG and an SR- 25 would be amazing rifles to use
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

User Info: LINDYFIRE13

8 years ago#9
ya the aug would be so cool its like the m-16 with better rate of fire and power and accuracy

User Info: ArbitorsGun

8 years ago#10
I dont think the AKs-74u is a submachine gun
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