Console Commands?

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User Info: Fox_Xaran

8 years ago#1
Hey does anyone have a list of MW2's console commands? In particular I'd like to start recording my sessions but I'm not sure what the commands for starting and stopping a demo are. Thanks.

User Info: Phaild

8 years ago#2
Console commands are disabled in this game. The only way to use them is to use a console unlocker made by some modders.

If you have it already though, I cannot answer your question.
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User Info: Callmege

8 years ago#3
This game isn't balanced for console.
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User Info: uglyman33

8 years ago#4
The game isn't balanced for PC.
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User Info: Flashback_Jack

8 years ago#5
It's definitely balanced for campers, that's for sure.

User Info: shunkeatenemy

8 years ago#6
just type things in the console like record_demo and it might pop up with options you can press tab to scroll through the options

User Info: eric_neo3

8 years ago#7
They did indeed get the console back. but some cmds have changed while others are no longer editable.

I guess these guys didn't know.
Modern Warfare 2 Unleashed - The Dev Console Unlocker for PC v1.1
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Here's some cmds and a bit about the changes to the console cmds all in order:

Read first

Dump txt

The following explain the changes
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User Info: ayjazz1

7 years ago#8
I heard something about the console being disabled in the latest patch?
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User Info: eric_neo3

7 years ago#9
yeah, technically the console was encrypted
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User Info: eric_neo3

7 years ago#10
From what I understand it is still usable but now needs to be decrypted before use.
God what I would do for an edit button on gamefaqs.

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