Tactical Button Layout is for PROS

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User Info: bluefungus

7 years ago#1
I can aim and shoot while crouching at the same time :P skillss

seriously though try it out. i use to be a dropshot hater as well but tried it out and figured out what i was missing out on. Even if i die, i can tell by the killcam that the dude was actually having a hard time trying to aim at me. Plus after firing off ur shots enemies will spot you on the radar. Crouching into prone will reduce ur visibility.

Its not just for run n gunning though. I can fluidly pop in and out of cover easily while aiming the sights at the same time. Feels like im playing rainbows again.

Try it out you'll like it. Took me like less than a game to adapt
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User Info: DawgKat

7 years ago#2
Yea ever since 4 I had to use Tactical. I think it was because I was so used to Halo's melee on B system.
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User Info: ghslaxgoalie24

7 years ago#3
whalers won't ever return.

badass jerseys though
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User Info: TheMightyHutch

7 years ago#4
Yes, I play on Tactical because I don't knife much anyways. I like it for sniping and drop shooting people that have no clue when you do that quick prone move. Also, the drop shooting was way better back in World at War this one when you walk around the map clicking in the R3 button you don't look like you do on World at War I guess that's what you get from different game makers. You look like you float off the game on this game, when you do it a lot around the map. Just looks like a floating man. Not as effective.

User Info: bluefungus

7 years ago#5
Majority of gb players use tactical btw. Dont start saying mlg is for scrubs. lol Im sure professional players that get payed to game are more scrubby than the average gfaqs poster....
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User Info: Metalfanatic90

7 years ago#6
Dropshotters need to be nerfed.

User Info: bluefungus

7 years ago#7
Dropshotting was already nerfed due to how fast ppl die in mw2 compared to cod4. The tactic doesnt even give that much of an advantage anymore. Btw to ppl trying it out, after dropshotting try and jump up afterwards. This is only when the gunfights last that long though.
PSN: vietboy980 (add me on this one) or vi3t_hugh

User Info: sOaKin_WeT_cHiC

7 years ago#8
dropshotting is useless in MW2 because they slowed down the crouch/prone animations. it takes a long time to go prone compared to waw/cod4. when people try to "dropshot" me I just shoot em in the head since i tend to aim low anyway.

whalers won't ever return.

badass jerseys though

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User Info: RedStar1127

7 years ago#9
Hartford Whalers.....is that the team that used to play in a shopping mall?
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User Info: TBW4Ever

7 years ago#10
You can go prone just as easily using pretty much any button set up...
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