Newb Question - What is a Hit Marker?

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User Info: zerooriginal

7 years ago#1
I have no idea what it means. Thanks for the replies!

User Info: BatClarkeee

7 years ago#2
im not 100% but i think its the little x thing that comes up when your bullet hits someone.
Playstation ID : BatClarkeee

User Info: G3Fracture

7 years ago#3
It's the small x mark you get when you hit someone

User Info: uberrpinnylahrl

7 years ago#4

When you shoot an enemy, you get a little X kind of cross hair on your screen showing that you have hit the enemy.

When snipers shoot someone and they dont get a OHKO [OHKO have a very high chance] they call it a hit marker and rage :D

User Info: pingpongching

7 years ago#5
Fun fact, I used to never use flash grenades in cod4 because if you blinded someone, you wouldnt get a hit marker (stuns gave you a hit marker). But in MW2, infinity ward wised up and changed that for the flashbangs.

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  3. Newb Question - What is a Hit Marker?

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