Going from 5 mbps to 15 mbps Connection Speed. Is it worth it?

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  3. Going from 5 mbps to 15 mbps Connection Speed. Is it worth it?

User Info: 5Six

7 years ago#1
Just speaking on a stricly gaming perspective. I'm thinking of going from a 5 mbps to 15 mbps connection (it's all I can really afford right now), and am hoping it will improve my game somewhat.

Right now I always have three bars (living in Canada ftl) and I find when I get 4 bars, I'm so much better, so hoping tripling my interwebs speed will work. Is there any reason why this wouldn't be worth it?
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User Info: mos182

7 years ago#2
For most people getting a better connection will improve your game. You will experience less lag caused deaths (ie your behind the wall, but killcam shows that you didn't get behind the wall in time).

User Info: zidane321

7 years ago#3
i went over to my friends house (not i have xfinity which is rated at 100mbps so this is more of a jump then you will do) but when i go to my friends house (which he has a 15mbps connection) i cannot kill anyone. with my connection i have no problems with hit detection and dropping people, his it seems like every other bullet misses. BUT take note that it works the other way too, it seems like you drop alot easier with a faster connection. and download speed isnt what matters, its your UPLOAD speed.

User Info: Blaeu

7 years ago#4
Well, the answer is yes and no. Having a four bar connection will improve your game, as you said, while having a three bar allows you to get lag screwed often.

However, MW2 does not have dedicated servers, so it really depends on what your connection is to the hosts. I have a 25MB connection which is great, but I live in AZ and anytime there is an east coast host I have a three bar connection.

My point is that your connection speed is not the only thing that determines your level of lag on this game.
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User Info: Newtypez

7 years ago#5
This is good info. I would upgrade my cablemodem upload speed if it helps me.
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User Info: 5Six

7 years ago#6
Some really good info here, keep it coming guys. I would like a 100 mpbs connection, but I can't afford $150 per month.

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7 years ago#7
If you leave in the US just give it awhile and upload/download speeds will get better. Southern US now has access to 5MB+ lines whereas before we could only get 3MB with (no joke) 150KB upload. My mom lives in the super rural areas of Alabama and they now can get DSL when before ATT just laughed when you asked. Stay away from HughesNet. You can't even stream a movie from Netflix and they no intentions of upgrading. Seventy dollars a month for crap. I don't know how they get away with calling themselves a High Speed Internet Provider.

As stated earlier it's really dependent on your upload speed. I would call first and find out how much of an increase your upload is before I would buy. And if they allow you to upgrade you upload...you are a lucky SOB.
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User Info: Flightplan

7 years ago#8
I live in Sweden and have the standard 200/100 line (200MBdownstream vs 100MB upstream). I remember though in the 90´s when we had 5-15 MB/s connections and you are going to benefit up to a point.
10 years ago the standard internet here in Sweden were 24 MB/s and when it comes to gaming there is really no difference between 24 and 100 or 200 on some games in some instances there will be differences with 5 or 15 though + you are going to dl a movie or a tv show 3 times faster than you do now. I´d go for the faster one if I were u..

User Info: Lachrymus

7 years ago#9
It's worth it. If you can afford it get it.

User Info: SteveBob

7 years ago#10
Standard is 200 in Sweden? Jesus. I'm constantly at a lag disadvantage because our phone line caps at 4.5 down and 400kb upload max. Sucks big time for a game like this.
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