"da, i know a place" ***SPOILERS***

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User Info: ashmaceyn

7 years ago#1

At the end of the final mission, after killing shepard (which was freakin awesome btw! pow! knife to the eye!), Price and Nikolai are carrying Soap to the chopper when Price says " We need to get Soap out of here" and Nikolai responds by saying "Da, i know a place"...

...do you think this could be left open for a game expansion? like Grand Theft Auto have taken to doing with the GTA IV series

User Info: Wheresmyslaw

7 years ago#2

More likely a cliffhanger for a future installment.
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User Info: goku2048

7 years ago#3
Seriously an expansion for an already good game?!!
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User Info: connecticaine

7 years ago#4
Making you pull the knife out of Soap was awesome.
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User Info: ashmaceyn

7 years ago#5
'good' is the word this game deserves, single player wasn't fantastic but neither was it bad. When i'd finished the campaign i definitely felt short changed after all the build up and hype before release, Considering i finished it in 4 and a half hours. I felt like there should have been more to come, so when the credits rolled i was pretty shocked...and unlike MW1, there aren't many missions i plan on playing over and over again.

i think a campaign expansion is what this needs to tie up the loose ends at the end of the game. But considering its been something like 3 and a half years between MW1 and MW2, im not holding my breath

User Info: radisma

7 years ago#6
Yeah when you pulled the knife out of your chest and flung it at shepard...i came...twice...

But id like to see alot of lose ends tied up.

Were did the take soap?

Where is Makarov?

Who is the leader gonna be now (That shepard is KIA)

Does USA invade Russia now after DC got screwed?

Is Russia still in USA?
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User Info: ashmaceyn

7 years ago#7
i think those are the 4 main questions everyone is asking.

theres no doubt that the next game will be in russia, after the "when are we going to moscow" dialogue at the end of the whisky tango mission, IW have a habbit of games following on from each other. But i really wanted to slot Makarov, no doubt that too will follow on in the next game.

I just hope IW pull there fingers out and don't leave us waiting another 3 years til the next release

User Info: Ghurhgs gf

Ghurhgs gf
7 years ago#8
CoD4 came out in 2007. It's been about two years. L2Math.

User Info: darkprince909

7 years ago#9
lol... however bad you think this cliffhanger is, just remember that halo 2's was 100 times worse.
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User Info: TamaNeko77

7 years ago#10
IW said they'll come out with something next year. I'm guessing it's going to be a DLC mission pack.
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  3. "da, i know a place" ***SPOILERS***

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