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User Info: jago107

7 years ago#1
I heard there was co-op in this game and after watching the GameTrailers review of it, it seems the only co-op is this "Special ops" mode and it's only over XBox Live. So did I maybe interpret something wrong? Can you play the campaign in co-op? And if you can, can you do it splitscreen and not just over Live? And if so, did they screw up the screen like in W@W?

Any answers would be appreciated. I'm trying to decide whether or not to give this game a try.
"I'm Phil Ken Sebben, and I approve this message." - Phil Ken Sebben.

User Info: Latias_On_Vox

7 years ago#2
I was wondering the same thing.

The reason I picked up Borderlands, from being on the fence, was the local co-op.

It's depressing that getting together to play a game (other than Rock Band 2) is more or less impossible, since so many developers forget about the people with actual friends/siblings.

I also hope they fixed the split-screen issue myself. Call of Duty 5 was damn near unplayable on Co-Op mode on anything less than a huge TV. Resident Evil 5 did this as well, and it's just as awful.

User Info: SCSyndrome

7 years ago#3
Spec-ops is SUPPOSED to be split-screen, from what I've seen...

User Info: jago107

7 years ago#4
Yeah, I got Borderlands as well and I'm glad I did. Me and a friend of mine have been having a blast with it in splitscreen.

I was asking about this one though, because after playing MW1 and becoming thoroughly pissed off with how crap everyone was on Live. Combined with the run and gun, lone wolf, spray and pray, lucky grenade crap, and lack of a damned cover system, I got completely sick of MW1, and switched to playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Now I'm hearing a bunch of people saying that you can silence shotguns and light machine guns in this game and I'm starting to remember the idiocy from MW1 and why I stopped playing it.

However, if the campaign is good and can be played in splitscreen co-op, I might get the game just for that and only dabble in the multiplayer.
"I'm Phil Ken Sebben, and I approve this message." - Phil Ken Sebben.

User Info: gamerbug94

7 years ago#5
Only spec-ops is Co-Op, and it is Splitscreen or Online.
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User Info: jago107

7 years ago#6
Thanks for clearing that up for me. Looks like I'll be renting this game at the most.
"I'm Phil Ken Sebben, and I approve this message." - Phil Ken Sebben.

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