500 Call of Duty Jokes

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User Info: SuperNuker617

7 years ago#1
So al asad goes to a bar and the bartender says, Im sure theres a PRICE on your head
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User Info: palehorse67

7 years ago#2
Kill yourself.

User Info: Ipwnthee

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Blitzkrieg94

7 years ago#4
Meat is down

User Info: sick_gamer120

7 years ago#5
palehorse wins

i lol'd so hard

User Info: USNavyHooyah

7 years ago#6
Kill yourself.

This was hilarious. The joke, meh. But this? Priceless.
This sentence is a lie.
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User Info: ryoma24

7 years ago#7

User Info: Lemoncake_maker

7 years ago#8
I'm not sure why, but Blitzkrieg had me laughing with that one.

User Info: SuperNuker617

7 years ago#9
that's not a joke,

So some guys are on an ac 130, they shoot the howtizer, grenade launcher, and minigun.

They arrive and see a boy crying, they wonder why he is crying, and he says "I was going to church and I watched my whole family get pwned by a minigun."

They see a girl crying and ask why, she says "I was riding my bike and a grenade launcher shot blew up my baby brother."

They see a boy laughing, and they ask why, and he says, I farted and my school blew up.
GT: TorturdBabyCow
My nukes as of 11/16/09: 5

User Info: mess98

7 years ago#10
Go Leafs Go

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