Is a 0.38 kill death ratio really bad?

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  3. Is a 0.38 kill death ratio really bad?

User Info: ThECoLoNeL00

7 years ago#11
*super kicks TC*


User Info: Gungnir1679

7 years ago#12
Anything .94 or above is good in my opinion.

User Info: elbarto1

7 years ago#13
anything above 1:1 is good
from 1 -.50 is average
below .50 is bad
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User Info: VioletVega

7 years ago#14
Well how many games have you played.. i mean if you played like 5 games and have like 15 kills and 45 deaths it wouldn;t be that bad

User Info: Kinggoken

7 years ago#15
My kill deat is 1.59. A guy on my friends list has this 0.38 kill death and his rank is the single gold bar thingy.

User Info: MoreWhiskey

7 years ago#16
I really don't think the built -in K/D ratio tracker is a good measurement of skill. As someone said before, who gives a damn if your ratio is awful as long as you are completing the objectives of whatever game you're playing?

I play mostly TDM and SnD, and my ratio is ~1.80. But if I played Domination or CTF, I can guarantee it would be no where near that high.

As long as you're enjoying yourself, screw what anyone has to say about your ratio imo.
GT: More Whiskey
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User Info: neuroticlizard

7 years ago#17
It sounds like a really FUN kill/death ratio. Those were my numbers in CoD4 when all I really did was try to have fun, and just shut the game off when I wasn't having fun.

Whatever the score, just try to have a good time. Just by asking others on here about what they think a good/bad kill/death ratio is just kind of proves that you may be taking the game too seriously. You just don't need to compare yourself to others. Play it, and have a great time!

GT~ AnomalyAnonymis
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User Info: 3Shot

7 years ago#18
its kinda bad depending on what you do. i went 1/11 in Capture the flag but got the highest score because I captured a s**t ton of flags. I gave up on K/D because in TDM (as for about anything else) the biggest camper = best K/D. So unless you enjoy camping your nuts off and being bored then you might not have a good K/D.

Mine is 1.11 but I'd like to see how many flags I capture per game because it's around 3 or 4.

If you really went 1/11 and captured "a s**t ton of flags" then either you played with amazing teammates that would kill everyone for you, or horrible opponents that didn't even know their flag was gone.

Oh, and playing smart in TDM =/= camping. Say what you want, but I understand that everybody goes to the same spots on EVERY map (building in Derail, roof on Favela, roof on Subbase, bunker/cave/cliff on Afghan, etc), and if you say I'm camping because people will rush that same area 3 or 4 times before they "get it", then so be it. This doesn't even just apply to TDM, knowing where somebody likes to run the flag or bomb on CTF or Demolition, or where people like to rush in Domination isn't camping, it's just playing smart.

That's not to say camping doesn't suck, or that camping isn't noobish, but you need to understand that when you and your buddy rush a room 4 times and die by the same person, he's probably staying there because he knows you're an easy kill. Because nobody likes camping in a room to get 0 kills.
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User Info: Ten80p

7 years ago#19
Yeah, you need to get a 1 where that 0 is.

User Info: bluetigercamo

7 years ago#20
Average is 1.70 anything below and you are mentally retarded.
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